You have an opportunity with every person to be authentic and real.

Why do they teach us not to take it? We are handed a million ways to put up walls, but what we should really be doing is taking them down. Allow people in, and let them see who you are. 

Communication - HOW YOU SOUND - is the key!

That’s why we’re going to spend some time talking about communication. This week we begin our video series, Communication is Key. Grab a notebook and start taking notes - we’ll be touching on some easy methods that you can incorporate into your process to get to your next level, and exceed your own expectations of yourself… just like Ali Reda once did!

This is a relationship business! How can we thrive in it if no one really even knows who we are? I invite you to watch this week’s video, and shine through in all you do!

Don’t lose your personal touch. Use your own accent, your own tonality. It’s so easy to be yourself... there’s really no one who could do it better!

Ask yourself these questions before you start your next conversation:

  • Am I speaking from my heart and telling the truth?
  • How do I bring my words to life so that I am a powerful and compelling communicator?
  • What am I currently doing that is causing me to connect with people so naturally and intuitively?

Be aware of how this affects the openness of your conversations. Doesn’t it allow for a better connection? 

You are enough. You have what it takes! When you are who you are at your best, and your intentionality is to love and care for other people - the words will come out perfectly. Chapter 6 of Keep It Simple Selling is jam-packed with my experience in communication, and I want to share it with you! Click here to get your copy now, and start moving toward your next level.

In the comments below, tell us why connecting with people authentically is more powerful than “sounding like a car salesperson.”  How would speaking from your heart improve your business?

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