Ladies and gentlemen, we are back with our video series, Advertising for Success! We’re knee-deep in the middle of our 60 Day Challenge, and we hope it’s bringing clear results by now. If you’ve been doing the work with us, you should be seeing more friends and more engagement than ever on your page.

It’s no secret that this job is hard work. You’ve got to really put yourself out there, be 100% on all the time, and give every interaction your complete care and focus. We’ve been having you ask yourself some questions for the last couple weeks, and we’re going to keep doing that today. We want you to find great success in this business and in your life. To do that, you’re going to have to do the work. We expect to see immense growth, not just in your social presence, but in the amount of people in your community who know you as a friendly face that they trust in their community.

I invite you to watch this week’s video, grab a pen to take some notes, and enjoy the journey.

Whether or not they buy is not important. This is not about being attached to your outcome. It’s about them - your customers and their outcome. Pay attention to them like they’ve never felt seen before, and reach out. 

Write down everyone who knows you, and connect. Who knows you? From where? Take a nose-dive into your past, and reconnect. We touched on this a few weeks ago, and we’re going to expand again right now. Go ahead and get that pen and paper, and write some answers to these questions. Who are your friends? List out everyone you can think of. Then, beside their names, write down your connection to them. You have a root structure under your tree, and to be most successful, you have to follow the roots. What do they care about? What do they do for a living? How do I bring value to what they do and what they care about? How do I support them? 

Your intentionality will show by the questions that we’re proposing here. This week, for the 60 Day Challenge, let’s fill in the blanks on just that. 

Where are you going, why, and for who? With your best self in mind, on a day that you are the greatest version of you, what qualities and characteristics do you possess that show your intentionality? You are driven, goal-oriented, and unstoppable, aren’t you? Starting immediately, you have the opportunity to intentionally exist as your very best self for the betterment of your customers, your business, and yourself. Let’s begin by filling in the blanks below.

I Am _______________________________________

I Am _______________________________________

I Am _______________________________________

I Am _______________________________________

We’re going to use this week’s I Am list to spread some love and intention to some of those friends you listed above. Be the words you listed. You are all of these things. Did you say that you are unstoppable? I agree. I think you are just that. 

Your challenge this week? Post to four friends’ pages, and post about two local businesses in your area. Using the list of old friends you just put together, pick six people. Let them know how much who they are and what they do means to you. Thank them for the way they do business, or for their volunteer work in the community, or how good it made you feel to see them the other day. Based on the words you’ve described yourself with, what would you say to your friends to make sure they know that it is your intention to be there for them? 

We want to help other people. Not once and not only in business, but forever and in life. To do that, we need to reconnect with everyone we’ve ever known. Because those are the people who already know exactly how wonderful you are. Those are the people who want to support you, and who feel supported by you. They already like you, trust you, and believe in you. All you have to do is let them know you’re still out there.

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Having fun in our challenge so far? Are you doing the work, and already seeing great benefit in using your social platforms? Tell us about it in the comments below. We want to know how it’s going.

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