dE Exclusive interview with IntellaCar

1. How long have you been a Dealer Elite member?
We joined Dealer Elite from the inception of IntellaCar to help us stay on top of emerging trends during our development process. We wanted to be a part of the Dealer Elite platform that integrates best in class for a variety of different processes.

2. What do you like best about Dealer Elite?
Dealer Elite members are among the most cutting edge, innovative and engaged dealers, who are eager to embrace new technology and more effective ways of doing things. We find that Dealer Elite is a great way to learn about new products and services to help us stay on top of what is happening in the industry, in addition to being a terrific source of new ideas and inspiration. It also opens the doors for networking with the dealers and OEMS who are our potential clients, as well as other vendors with whom we can establish mutually beneficial business relationships to offer complimentary solutions to our clients.

3. Why is mobile so important?
Many dealers have told us that their customers not only research their new car purchase in advance, but they are also using their mobile devices to access information right in the dealership. Mobile technology helps customers to be more knowledgeable than ever before and it engages them much more intensely in the buying process because customers understand and remember twice as much when images, videos, animations, etc. are used in addition to the spoken word. In fact, studies have shown that customers believe that their smart phone can make the shopping experience more enjoyable. As consumers get more and more knowledgeable about the vehicles they are looking to buy, it is critical for Sales Consultants to keep pace, to maintain credibility with their customers.
4. What is IntellaCar?
IntellaCar is an innovative iPad sales tool that helps Sales Consultants build value for the dealership and the vehicles they sell, while dramatically enhancing the customer experience. The app provides Sales Consultants with instant access to critical information and systems throughout the sales process, enabling them to quickly, consistently and accurately respond to questions, anywhere and anytime.

5. How does IntellaCar work?
IntellaCar integrates into the dealership’s existing sales process to help the Sales Consultant in every step of the sale. From capturing customer data through vehicle presentation, comparisons, inventory search and delivery, IntellaCar’s intuitive interface engages the customer while providing the most relevant information for that buyer. The information is presented with images and videos that help to make the customer experience more meaningful and memorable. And its flexibility allows the dealer to load information specific to that dealership.

6. How is IntellaCar different from other automotive applications?
Just like Dealer Elite, IntellaCar is best in class. IntellaCar is unique in two major ways. First, it incorporates a proprietary information delivery system that optimizes content from the perspective of the Sales Consultant from start to finish, to support the sale from anywhere inside or outside of the dealership (e.g. during the test drive) – being mobile is key. Second, the extensive content and functionality, which includes dealer-specific information and CRM integration, go far beyond what is available from any other single automotive resource. And with the newest release, its impact is even more powerful.

7. Dealer Elite is focused on using technology to increase sales and profits. How will IC accomplish that?
IntellaCar uses technology to generate consumer confidence and vehicle understanding, which enables the Sales Consultant to sell on value rather than on price and translates to higher profits. In addition, the “wow” of IntellaCar’s interface engages customers and enhances the overall shopping experience, which means fewer be-backs and more referrals. Today, with inventory shortages from the recent tsunami, it is more important than ever for dealers to build value for the vehicles they have on their lot. IntellaCar provides the opportunity to build that value in an engaging way.

8. What kind of results can a dealer expect from IntellaCar
IntellaCar is proven to increase dealer effectiveness within weeks. In pilot dealerships, Sales Consultants using IntellaCar sold 2-4 more cars a month, had a higher monthly gross and improved customer satisfaction significantly while generating a strong ROI. It helped new Sales Consultants to get up to speed more quickly as well, selling more than the dealership average in their first month on the job.

9. How much does IntellaCar cost?
IntellaCar is priced as a monthly subscription to dealers based on the number of users. Typically, sales from just one Sales Consultant using IntellaCar pay for the ongoing fees. Dealers who sign up now are eligible for charter membership to receive first to market benefits at reduced pricing for the first year.

10. How can DealerElite members get more information about IntellaCar?
They can go to, send an email to or call 805.241.5000 and ask for Jim Hughes.

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Comment by Philip Zelinger on July 14, 2011 at 1:40pm

Done deal Bobby.  I will call you next week to schedule an online demo and discuss how we might be able to partner with some of our other vendor friends or perhaps share some of our new toys with some dealer clients.  2+2 can = 5; if you add the right two!


After all, what are friends for.  (I just had to say that one more time!)

Comment by Philip Zelinger on July 14, 2011 at 1:04pm

Thanks Bobby,

Opinions all count but your's counts more than most.  As you know, I found IntellaCar before you -- and most of my friends on DEalerElite -- did.   I am proud to be able to represent them in the market and I am excited by their latest V3.0 platform that can now support all major OEMs.  Combine that with their new UI with more of a "WOW" factor and the additional features that integrate with established sales processes and complimentary applications at the dealership and it is easy to see why I describe them as a game changer.


There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes for their national launch scheduled to start by the end of July. If you -- or any of our fellow DealerElite friends -- would like to discuss shared opportunities for your dealer or vendor clients feel free to reach out to me, Jim, Bruce or even post your thoughts on this forum.


After all ... what are friends and DealerElite for! 

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