Dealer Chat Persuasion: Capture More Internet Sales

activengage dealer chat bubbleIn today’s tough automotive environment every website shopper is an opportunity to turn a browser into a buyer. Your website alone won’t do it. You need a way to put yourself between your website and your shoppers. It is sales 101 to put a product professional in place to explain your vehicles and the services you offer. You do it in your showroom now so you need to do it on your virtual dealership too.

So how can you persuade your dealership shoppers to engage in chat? When they do engage what do you do next? This blog will lay out the basic fundamentals to get started turning your anonymous website visitors into leads and more importantly sales opportunities. People on your website need answers and direction just like the people that visit your dealership showroom.

First step of a great chat conversation is your opening message. How are you addressing your shoppers? One size fits all or a more personalized message meant just for them based on their click path on your website and their geographical location. Pre-chat intelligence allows for personalization so start using it to your selling advantage today.

The second step to increasing dealership chats is to leverage a proactive invitation, which will actively invite every one of your shoppers to engage in a chat conversation. Statistics prove that automotive shoppers are four times more likely to click on a proactive invitation than the standard passive button.

And finally to really turn your website into a lead generation machine utilizing chat for your dealership here is the most powerful thing you can do. Be available. As simple as it sounds, to effectively use dealer chat you need to make a time commitment. Having someone available every minute that your dealership is open will drive a measureable increase of chat conversations for your dealership.

Happy Chatting,

Todd Smith

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