Yes, that’s right! @Dearborn. Or @Minneapolis. Or @Lafayette. At whichever city you’re in, there is local advertising of so many kinds. We’ve been discussing this topic for a few weeks now in our video series, Advertising for Success, and I think it’s high time we get to stand on platforms, and put our names in pages. Or on pages, really.

Grow your relationships. Grow your business.


 You remember the apple tree, right? Your network of friends and family, and the support of your community will be essential for this next step.Watch this week’s video to hear more about this from Ali Reda!


Pretty interesting stuff, right?

Ali tells us about a Dearborn, Michigan instagram page that ran an advertisement for him. He explains what local internet advertisements can do for your business, telling us that he wasn’t ready for this kind of response.

Check out their instagram page, and take a closer look. With 88,000 followers, it’s no wonder that it was too much for even Ali Reda. As always, we are learning as we grow. And lucky for us all, Ali takes great notes.

So how do you grow and feed your tree, while also preparing for the best? 

  • Prepare for the push. Have a plan for growth to scale. Set a goal for the number of cars you want to sell, and expect that to happen. This network is massive, and this is going to work. Last week, we told you to revise your process. Did you do that? Start there now, if you haven’t already. Consider getting an assistant to dole out your most time consuming tasks. This way, you’ll have systems in place to make your dreams come true.
  • Find the local advertisers in your city to work with. Every city has a page. Find the one that’s made for your community, and get in there!
  • Be present where you advertise.
    You are a real person. Let people know that! Reach out to the influencers in your city, send messages, comment on the posts, and make yourself known in your community.
  • Create an emotional connection.
    Build your relationships into bonds and trusts creating meaningful, personal friendships. Don’t make this about what you do. Just show them who you are. Be real and authentic. Let them see you.
  • Be FOR them. Use your social media to help the local businesses in your community grow too. Did the new restaurant in town blow you away by the outstanding meal? Talk about it, and tag the establishment. Is there a local nonprofit that’s doing good work you care about? Tell your friends. Was there an interaction you had with a kind soul who lives nearby that just made your day? Thank them, and let people know how grateful you are to live in a place like this one!

Ali tells us in the video that he’ll tell us another story soon, and that’s absolutely true! Join us next week to meet Fredi. We’ll show you a guy who really had a boost in business with a little help from advertising success.

In the comments below tell us about the local pages you’ve advertised with on social media. How has internet advertising worked for you? 

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