So, the fact that you are reading this proves ( well, maybe ) an advestigate fact.  That the "creative" and headlines of an advertisement could still be a factor even in the newspaper. Fact is, we all know that digital is very much alive and will be for years.  But what is happening in the traditional media world?  Is it a fact that newspaper is a dead medium?  You will find dealers that tell you they still get a good response for their money there and will not stop.  So, here is the tip of the week from the advestigate office of Dealer World.  

Call your newspaper and ask them to bounce your data base off their subscription base.  It will be interesting to see what % of your customers are still getting the paper daily. Information is good.  Research is good.  Also, if you are on a remote edge of the market, ask them to give you zone rates for "print ads" that actually hit everywhere, which up until now really have not been readily available.  They know that their business is suffering and they are finally making concessions for it.  The idea here is quite simple NEW PAPER IS NOT DEAD.  It is dead at their old rates and may still be if you have  a stubborn paper.  But in the advestigate formulas we value an impression not the actual media.  So if you can buy the back page of a newspaper for $500.00 and reach enough people with really great creative.......well, just do some advestigating of your own and see what you find out.  

Troy Spring


Dealer World

Founder of Advestigate

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