A long time ago I read a book called "Death by Meeting" it was a great book written by Patrick Lencione.  Although the book was filed with great concepts and ideas, I remember taking away one thing from it; Don't meeting yourself to death. Instead, actually go do something. 

I teach everyone around me to actually ask themselves in any down time of the day at all "What should or could I be doing now".   Have the one minute manager meetings, get the heck out of them and go put it to WORK.  

I see dealerships that have so many programs, vendors and income streams they are worried about..... IT IS INSANE.  The meetings never stop and valuable people are off the floor for hours.  I remember being a young kid and learning the KISS theory of Keep It Simple Sam.  I think that still works today.  If you are a dealer, GM or Sales Manager, Take 30 days and just focus on the three things that have become my staple message.....

1. Great Advertising (Yes, this includes digital) 

2. Sales training ( to handle and maximize the traffic) 

3. Great inventory (interesting inventory too) 

I am a hard-core, old school car guy that watches (and I am learning and getting really good at it too) all about digital.  It seems to me that our dealerships will be run by google experts soon and I think I want to own one down the street from them.  Take all the analytics and information you can...to a certain extent, but do not them them consume you.  Sometimes you have to believe that the old fashioned approach to driving traffic, having great salesman and the right cars is just enough of a focus that you will beat and probably dominate your competition.  If you focus on these three things and that become the thing you "DO" when you come to work in the AM, and all other things come after if you have time.......you might call me and say thanks in a few months.... LOL 

Reminds of a quote I love "first things first, last things never" 

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