Don’t Mess with the Center of the Universe

For some people, it’s family. For others, it’s pets. Others will maintain it’s their career, and some will point to their favorite pastime. Regardless of what anyone chooses, there is a common denominator used to keep up with their passion -- one that has become the center of the Universe for many people -- and that is a smart phone. 


Have you ever watched your customers in the waiting area? I’ll bet most are head down, engrossed in something on their smartphone! Smartphones have become so integrated into our lives that they serve as our primary communication tool -- our calendar, web browser, email provider, and, in many cases, our entertainment center. 


Why? Because as they have become smarter and more powerful, we can now consolidate many things into one portable, pocket-sized piece of technology. And, all is wonderful. 


Until it isn’t. 


Today’s consumers have become used to the simplicity and efficiency technology enables. But, there are always those who make using our phones annoying! 


I once called a dealership and was forced to listen to a 90-second welcome message, (yes really, over one and half minutes) extolling all their virtues and reasons why I should buy or service my vehicle there. There was no way out. I was trapped. And didn’t like it! 


I’m amazed that anyone could sit and listen to that without being annoyed. It would be interesting to discover just how many potential customers simply hang up and move on to the next dealership… the one that answers the phone. I’m sure many consumers just keep pressing 0 to get to an operator and when they cannot, they hang up – that’s business walking out the door just because a message that is supposed to attract customers in fact drives them away. 


When I call Google for support, the phone is answered immediately -- there is no welcoming intro but rather they immediately ask where I need to go. Say, “Technical support” and your call is transferred. Boom! 


In this era of “NOW!” efficiency, Google walks the walk. Ever wonder why Google’s home page is pretty much blank, with just a search bar? Google decision makers know that people aren’t visiting Google’s home page to be sold something, they are there to initiate a search query… and Google doesn’t get in your way, or try to hold you hostage by distracting you. 


Start introducing friction through insane phone trees, or force them to listen to long-winded recordings before they can act, and you may find they choose not to communicate with you. 


Don’t try and force your message on customers trying to communicate with you. Keep it short, keep it simple! 

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