Start with your presentation. Be yourself. Having a game plan will be fantastic. Put your everything into the customer, you  presently are working with. Put 100%, into listening, presenting, closing. Know now, this customer, is your future. Remember, you never know who you are really talking to. Use positive word tracks, at all times. Nothing is so difficult, that you cannot overcome. We are in the people business. A canned presentation, gives no flexibility, to the customer. This is very important for all of us to recognize. When you are confident, you can overcome all objections. When you have several presentations, you will be an unbelievable CLOSER. If you stay with one canned presentation, you will limit your growth. Remember, managers also need to be flexible. Every situation, has a slightly different twist. When everyone is working with flexibility, to close the deal, many deals will happen. Your C.S.I. will increase, sales will increase, gross profit will grow, everyone will be happier. Look, at the people who are not flexible, are too rigid, they will get CANNED. Ownership wants, results today. Have a strong game plan, be flexible, change, adjust, you will be a valuable commodity in this business. YOU will never have to worry about getting CANNED.  Go strong, have a wonderful month. Close strong.

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