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Stamina – 15 Minute Workshop

The secret is stamina, rather than speed!!! 

  • Take the approach to understand that every step is important, regardless of the time-of-day.
  • First thing in the morning, lunchtime and five minutes before closing time.

Simplify with Synonyms…


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Mind Your Own Business or You Will Not Have a Business to Mind!!!

It is a time, to have a true game plan, for your dealership!!! Understand, no matter what your game plan is, you must remember, all people rely on your plan. The industry has had its fair share of adjustments, but people make it all work. How people handle the adjustments, is the key to each and every organization. We all have to have computers, understand the importance, but have to realize, people implement, people follow-up, people…


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Does the Sales Staff Feel Celebrated?

Let’s see… We demand the following… Correct?

  1. We expect terrific meet and greet, power handshakes and hugs. Real effort.
  2. We anticipate, fantastic fact finding, customer information, trade, decision makers, all finance understanding.
  3. We believe in tremendous walk-around, complete features and benefits and explained with…

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How to Create Ambition?!!

Definition: Ambition is the desire for personal achievement.

As dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, parts and service managers. do we truly understand  the meaning of this on a daily basis? Are we on the same page, with every employee’s, personal achievement? We are driven…


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What is now?!!!

As a child when your parents asked you to do something, it meant now!!! When you were asked to do something in school, it was right now!!!

If you truly understand people today, we live in an instantaneous gratification society. People decide on something, they want it now!!! Not only now, do they decide to spend money, buy…


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Taking Your Production To Another Level!!!

We all want to have a better opportunity to take care of ourselves and our needs in life. Where do we start? How do we get the ball rolling? First and foremost, we need to be honest with ourselves. We need to write down, what we want, why we want it and what we are willing to do to accomplish our goals. This must be everywhere you go for 90 days. I mean…


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Just Call Them Out

If you have salespeople, that know how to sell, but the results are not up to the stores expectations, call them out on it!!! Case in point; Just recently, I had a salesman, good guy, works every day, tries very hard when he wants to and a positive attitude when he wants to have one. I just didn’t have that wow feeling with him on a…


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Challenge Your Boss!!! Right Now!!!

Problematic Economy!!! No Jobs. Unemployment.  For who? if 90 percent of Americans are working, what is the problem?  We would take 90 percent odds in almost anything in life, right!!! We need to change the culture in the work place, point blank, period!!! What does that mean? Start with yourself. What are you…


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The Legendary Fran Taylor

Spent two days with Fran.

He does an excellent job!!!

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Podcast: AutoSuccess Magazine - The Balance Between Managers and Sales Staff

You can listen to (or download) the podcast here: AutoSuccess: The Podcast

Hope you enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!!!

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A Check-Up from the Neck-Up

The essence of escapism, True entertainment movie of the 70’s, Jaws, of the 80’s Top Gun. Rock groups like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Rush, U2. They have the ability to appeal to people decade in and decade out.

People can watch these movies and listen to these bands with passion, like time has the ability to stand…


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It’s the People Business – Get Involved!!!

Sales Process

Meet & Greet:

  • Do this with great excitement.
  • Make people feel really good about being here.

Service Walk:

  • Introduce the customer to the cashier and the writers.
  • Walk with them back to detail.
  • Ask them how their past experiences have been.
  • Ask how they feel about being here.
  • Ask how they…

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Create the Motivation!!!

Leaders lead. What does this mean? Do leaders lead or do they have LEAD and become the anchor? This is a serious unanswered phenom, in the car industry. Have you ever seen the series called Hogan’s Heroes?  The series was basically aimed to show a lack of intelligence on the German side during the World War II era. This was very funny…


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Crush the Barriers!!! The World is Yours!!!

Ask yourself, what true baggage am I carrying on a daily basis that is now a barrier for my growth in my entire life? Everyone has something keeping them back. Get rid of the baggage. Do not allow another day to go by, without seeking out a way to crush the barriers.

Fact: It was a Wednesday afternoon in 1993, a real nice fall day in New England.…


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Success, Failure, Drive… One in the Same!!!

How can this be? How can success and failure be one in the same? That doesn’t make sense. Does it?

Professional Baseball Player- Gets up 5 times in a game and strikes out, all 5 times. One would agree his performance was a failure. He is a professional, which makes him successful. Right?

Professional Golfer- Has a round of 80. Eight shots over par. A very bad day, for professional golf…


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Don’t Fight It… Just Write It… It Works!!!

How do you desk your deals? Maybe you don’t even desk deals. Either way, it is inevitable that you get to a point in the sale, where you have to talk about the deal and the make-up of the deal. If your process is set up where you send a salesperson back and forth, two and three times, ask yourself why?  Does it make you feel good after the third time, you come out from behind the desk, go in the deal, talk…


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Cheat Them out of Time… Then Give Them the Leftovers? Why?

It has been a personnel tendency, to spend so much intensified time in the work place. Being on time to learn, try to help others, giving my all out energy so we could have success. No matter what, you just want the best for everyone. When the customer keeps you late, it was always okay.  Someone needs a ride home 15 minutes out of your way, no problem. The manufacturer,…


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Its 2011... 34% to the Bottom Line... HAS TO BE DONE!!!

Don’t look back. Stop living in the past. The human body doesn’t have a rearview mirror, for a reason.  Capture the moment, it’s the selling season, 2011. Business is happening.  Are you pulling out all stops? People are out buying vehicles. This next 6 months, is going to be awesome. Are you closed?  Do you have a 90 day business plan? Are you putting…


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The Velocity of $$$... Does Everyone Understand?

Everyone in the dealership, should understand turning cash quickly, is very important!! This, in my professional opinion, is extremely important to all dealerships. Everyone can take responsibility. The quicker the cash is in, the easier it is to run these money eating businesses.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Contracts:



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Challenge Equals Success!!!

Take on your biggest challenge. No matter what that is, take it on, now. Do not put it off another minute. Why? The reward will be more then you can ever imagine. After you have overcome this challenge, everything will become easier. You will be able to deal with anything and everything life will throw at YOU. You are now positioned, to give more, to try harder, take on more…


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