Aussie ‘trust survey’ shows car sales ranked lower than the 'oldest profession'


The credibility of the Australian retail motor trade is at an all time low it seems. But why?

According to the findings of the annual ‘Trust Survey’ 2010 carried out by Reader’s Digest Australia, the car sales sector was rated less trustworthy than the oldest ‘profession’ in a poll that asked respondents to rank forty professions in order of perceived credibility.

Car dealers were ranked 39th, two places behind sex workers (!), with telemarketers left with the wooden spoon for the fourth consecutive year. Car mechanics came in at 27th place.


Having started my career in car sales in Queensland before moving to the UK in 1995, I do find it shocking to think that our profession has such a poor public standing on the other side of the world.


Even in the UK, we are still dogged with outdated, negative stereotypes. My advice to sales professionals is always ‘be yourself’. Encourage people to buy from you, don’t just sell a deal.


Clearly, the traditional ‘suck it and see’ approach to training in the retail motor sector is unsustainable, not to mention costing dealers thousands off the bottom-line. In what is likely to be another tough year for the sector, everyone needs to be seen as playing their part in generating return. By seeing how well a particular training programme has benefited both the individual and the dealership provides a credible business case and is a powerful motivator.


Australia’s ‘Most Trusted Professions’ 2010 is the result of the annual ‘Trust Survey’ conducted by Reader’s Digest Australia. A sample of 1,000 Australians were asked to rank forty professions they had most faith in.

 Top ten in rank order: 1) Ambulance Officers 2) Fire-fighters 3) Nurses 4) Pilots 5) Doctors 6) Pharmacists

 7) Veterinarians 8) Members of the Armed Forces 9) Farmers 10) Scientists

Other notable professions:

27) Car mechanics

37) Sex Workers

38) Politicians

39) Car Salesmen

40) Telemarketers were ranked bottom for the fourth year in a row.


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