The hardest objection is the one you don't know

In the most challenging economic climate in a generation, the influence of the media on the consumer’s attitude to spending has made the job of the auto dealer that much more difficult.  The advent of social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook have not only empowered consumers with information but also provided a global outlet for feedback both positive and negative.

Whilst many of the principles of selling in the automotive sector remain valid, the industry has needed to adapt significantly in response to genuine slowdown in global consumer spending, as well as negative perceptions regarding vehicle quality and in some cases, safety. In short, the historically successful ‘tried and tested’ principles are not enough to sustain profitability.

In every environment, however, there are winners who not only survive but also thrive and prosper ahead of the competition.  These businesses are those with a dynamic and flexible approach that employ innovative approaches and strategies.

They have taken a fresh look at the sales process, focusing on customer psychology. Specifically, their sales people are very adept at avoiding the “I’d like to go away and think about it” scenario and overcoming objections before they arise. The hardest objection to overcome is always the one you don't know about.

Some areas to think about:

•    Consider how your sales process could be adapted for differing sales situations and customer circumstances, including examples such as overcoming objections, conflict resolution and relationship building.

•    Explore the customer qualification gap - Identify it, bridge it and turn it to your advantage.

•    Explain a vehicle's benefits from a customer’s own perspective not a salesperson's perspective.

•    Deal with issues relating to customer research on the web. Successful salespeople undertake their own research to help them sell in these situations.

•    Define the right questions for a salesperson to ask in order to secure predictive responses and encourage the customer to buy.

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