Different twist on an age-old sales problem

In dealing with customers who say they want to go away and think about it, we can consider an alternative approach 



What do you do when you have a customer in the showroom, you’ve done the presentation and the test drive and got some degree of commitment from them, then they turn around and tell you that they “just need to go and see the Audi first, to put it out of my mind”?


It’s a tricky one – because what you definitely don’t want to start doing is knocking the competition. So how can you close the sale?


Here's a simple but potentially effective technique I first saw in action a few years ago while working in a Toyota dealership.


Word track

A sales colleague was with a customer when I overheard him saying, “You’re just like my wife!”


I was certainly intrigued and couldn’t stop myself from listening in.


I couldn’t quite believe he had said it and, by the sound of it, neither could the customer. “Sorry?” the customer said. 


“You’re just like my wife,” said the salesperson.


“Say she wants a new pair of shoes. On my day off, we go into one shop and she finds a pair she likes. Does she buy them? No, she spends the rest of the day going to every outlet in the shopping centre and guess which ones she ends up buying?”


Customer: "The first?"


“Exactly! Isn’t it worth getting car that’s your first choice if you like it?”


Great rapport

It’s unconventional, but it certainly worked for him. Word of warning though - if you don’t have a really good rapport with your customer, don’t even think about using this one. 


Watch the video at www.am-online.com/symcoor on my website at www.symco.tv


Adapt the word track to your personal style, then practise it and try it out the next time you get an opportunity. 


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Comment by Robert Hildreth on September 22, 2011 at 6:42pm

Nice article...enjoyed it

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