Driving Loyalty Joins Auto Industry Vendors and Auto Dealers In Support Of Autocon 2014

Cedar Falls, Iowa:  August 04th 2014, Driving Loyalty, an auto industry focused technology vendor based out of Cedar Falls Iowa, announced that they will be exhibiting their database marketing platform at Autocon 2014. The self-described “Dealer Generated Conference” will be held at The Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas September 03rd through September 5th 2014.

Scott Davis, the President and Founder of Driving Loyalty, was quick to explain why he chose to exhibit at Autocon 2014 vs. the many competing venues targeting the lucrative auto industry, “I was impressed with their speaker list of auto dealers instead of the typical vendors that dominate other auto industry conferences.  People like Chris Saraceno, Vice President and Partner at Kelly Automotive Group, Bernie Moreno, President of The Collection Auto Group, Brian Benstock, General manager and Vice President of Paragon Honda, Richard Bustillo, General Manager of Rick Case Honda, Jessica Germain, Director of Customer Experience for Germain Automotive Group and Raquel Case, General Manager of Rick Case Maserati, Alfa Romeo can provide real world experiences and advice that will help Driving Loyalty serve our dealer client’s needs.”


A growing number of auto dealers challenged by changing market conditions and consumer preferences are turning to conferences to learn about the next best thing to help them sell and service more customers.  Autocon 2014 seems to have hit the right formula for success by focusing on auto dealers vs. vendors.  Thought leaders in the auto industry including auto dealers and select vendors will host educational sessions focusing on 15 different categories covering advertising, digital marketing, social media, retention, certified pre-owned and more.  All-in-all, over 150 best practices will be shared over the course of the three days.


Driving Loyalty is uniquely qualified to address the subjects addressed at the conference.  Their automated database marketing platform is powered by proprietary software and algorithms that

have proven successful for over 200 auto dealers.  Their solution includes targeted email, direct mail, PURL’s, an outbound call center and a newly introduced social marketing initiative. According to Scott Davis, “Our platform covers every element of sales and service for an auto dealer to increase their customer loyalty, retention, certified pre-owned vehicles and improved profits. Virtually all of the subjects listed on the Autocon 2014 agenda are part of our process for our auto dealer clients.”  


About Driving Loyalty, LLC.:  Driving Loyalty has been operating out of their facilities in Cedar Falls, Iowa since. 2003.  They started as a family owned operation but several industry savvy investor partners have joined the company supporting their expansion and shift to the more comprehensive solution they currently provide.  Driving Loyalty has been selected as “One of The Top Ten Companies To Watch” by AutoSuccess magazine for three years in a row. 



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