Evolution of a Dealership's Fixed Operations with Dave Foy | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 1

To kick off our newest season that's all about your dealership's fixed operations, Host Dane Saville is joined by the Fixed Ops Mastermind Dave Foy to discuss the evolution of fixed ops and how to extract much of the inherent value of the parts and service departments.

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—— Topics Covered —— Dave Foy's Background in Fixed Ops (3:00) Current Position of Fixed Ops in Automotive Retail (6:04) How Has Fixed Ops Evolved Over Time? (8:14) The Difference in Market Penetration (10:15) What Benefits of Fixed Ops Do Dealer Leadership Need to Know? (12:14) Tactics to Ensure a Good Customer Experience (13:28) How Can We Better Market Fixed Ops to Consumers? (15:40) Hiring Process for Fixed Ops Team Members (17:44) How Do You Set Expectations / Benchmark Growth for Team Members? (20:00) Ideal Setup for a Fixed Ops Department (21:45) How to Connect with the Fixed Ops Mastermind Group (23:30)

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