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Community is the foundation that keeps our cities standing tall.Feldman Automotive realizes this and believes it’s important to participate and give back in order to build a stronger community around the Detroit area.

Feldman Automotive is partnering with Vehicles for Change to award Detroit families keys of hope. Most recently, at Livonia Chevrolet of southeastern Michigan’s Feldman Automotive Group, the Dillard family’s life was changed when Anthony Dillard was presented with the keys to a car via a Feldman donation to Vehicles for Change. “A vehicle allows someone to improve their lives. This was a program that just made sense to us,” said Feldman Automotive President and CEO Jay Feldman.

Vehicles for Change is a nonprofit organization that is based in Maryland. Its goal is to provide financially struggling families the necessary transportation to help them gain independence by working or getting professional training. In its 16 years of operation, Vehicles for Change has awarded more than 5,000 vehicles and just recently began helping families in Michigan.

Because 26% of Detroit households are without a vehicle, according to a study done by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Feldman Automotive believes it’s important to do what they can to change that statistic and start the wheels of change rolling. Transportation has become a roadblock for being employed in Detroit, and many people are without jobs or have recently become unemployed due to transportation problems. Helping Detroit get to work is just one of many positive developments that will come from Vehicles for Change.

Recipients of the Vehicles for Change program can now do a lot more. A study of over 150 families showed 98% of recipients could now take their children to the doctor, 55% gave back to their communities, 100% were able to take children to after-school activities, and 75% obtained better jobs or increased income.

A long-standing supporter of the community, Feldman Automotive plans to continue helping Vehicles for Change provide transportation to low-income families in the Detroit area, and with their help, Vehicles for Change plans to award more than 80 vehicles in the next year.

In the spirit of positivity and uplifting local communities, find a way to pay it forward and take part in making your community the best place it can be. For more information or to find out how you can make a tax-deductible vehicle donation, visit Vehicles for Change here.

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