A consumer comes to your dealership for a reason! They have a want! and a need! also a budget! It is your job as a sales consultants to figure those three things out. During a walk around you should be building report with your customer because you now know their want, need and budget, now going off of that you can show them why a vehicle is a fit for them. This makes your customer feel like they are in safe hands.Also that you understand and care about their needs.

It's also a plus so when you do your sales to service hand off. I have found it is always best to introduce your customer to a service advisor. Ensure he/she when they bring their new vehicle in for service that their service advisor will be able to help them along the way. Also advise them on the maintanice that needs to be obtained on that vehicle.

Adult's and children go to get shots and exams regularly to make sue they are in the best of health right? Vehicles are the same way. They need to be inspected regularly. There is also regular maintanice that needs to be done at certain millages. That way you are increasing the life span of their vehicle.                           

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Comment by Scott Peters on January 19, 2012 at 9:51pm

If the "service walk" is not part of your sales process it should be ...also the sales consultant should be checking  the service department appointments every morning and see if anybody is ready to trade, offer waiters test drive, ask their opinion on a new model etc ...the service dept shouldn't be worried about losing money if sales sells a car they will get to repair it when they trade it in ...it works ...did it for years

Comment by Andrew Myers on January 19, 2012 at 4:17pm

I think it is an excellent idea to introduce the service element during the sale. Start that prospect visualizing themselves using this department, knowing these people, expecting to own this car at these given milages for service. Great practice to make part of your value building process.

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