Gubagoo Announces Web RESQ 2.0: Advanced Video Chat Capability and Deeper Facebook Integration

Gubagoos Web RESQ 2.0 is powerful new technology that enables advanced live or recorded video capability, as well as deeper Facebook integration for more traffic and better leads


New Orleans, LA -  January 26, 2017 – Gubagoo, the leading provider of dealer communications solutions today, at the National Automobile Dealers Association conference in New Orleans, announced the availability of Web RESQ 2.0, a new technology platform that enables advanced communication capabilities on two key customer channels: Video and Facebook.


Web RESQ Video: Comprehensive Ability to Stream and Share Video


Web RESQ Video offers a richer sales experience that aligns with customer expectations: fully 53% of online car shoppers use video to make their purchase decision[1]. And today, whether it’s a sales walk-around, or a chance to show service needs in real-time, the video chat capability offered by Web RESQ gives dealerships a powerful way to communicate with customers.


 “This video capability adds a whole new level of engagement for dealerships,” said Brad Title, CEO and Founder of Gubagoo. “For example, if a salesperson ‘RESQ’d’ a conversation by stepping in and taking over the call, that same salesperson can quickly send the customer a video walk-around of the car they want to buy. And best of all, the salesperson can do the walk around as live stream – all through chat.”


Web RESQ Facebook Integration: Drive More Traffic and Convert More Leads


Surveys show that people spend an average of 40 minutes every day on Facebook[2], which is why Web RESQ provides instant messaging, with a full solution that offers instant messages, inventory integration, offers and video. With Web RESQ, Facebook Messenger conversations are handled just like chat, and dealers who respond to customers in real-time get an “immediate response badge” from Facebook. This lets people know that you are open and doing immediate business on the channel. 


“Today, Facebook is no longer just one of many options for dealers…it’s an absolute requirement, because this is where people are at their most reachable,” said Title.


About Gubagoo

Based in Boca Raton, Gubagoo is the leading provider of dealer live chat, text, and call solutions. Gubagoo offers seamless integrated web-based, SMS, and call monitoring technologies for automotive dealerships. Our passion for customer service and lead conversion, makes Gubagoo the best 24/7 car dealer chat, text, and overflow call provider in the automotive industry. Gubagoo’s U.S. based operators, receive the highest level of training and certification to make certain every customer that engages in a live chat, text, or call, receives the best possible customer experience. Gubagoo delivers the best quality of service to automotive dealership customers and strives to maximize the dealership’s lead conversion rate and long-term auto sales. For more information about Gubagoo products, visit or contact 855-359-2573.


Gubagoo Media Relations

mWEBB Communications, Melanie Webber, (949) 307-1723,

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Comment by steven chessin on January 26, 2017 at 3:57pm

Thank you. I have been requesting this for years without any traction from dealers to the left of me and vendors to the right. Here's a very brief 19 second sample from 2012.

Lisa, my BDC rep first introduce herself - greets the customer  - presents the car (not seen here) - then she introduces a certified product specialist. She does more to SELL cars than anything that happens after she gets things started because more sales end because they never started. There can be no Step 2 if you lose the customer at Step 1 ...which is the greatest point-of-failure. Who wouldn't respond to such a genuinely nice, truly sincerely helpful young woman? Should I have skipped her 'frivolous introductions' and started directly with the sales professional ?! 

And one interesting asterisk * I was fired for the resulting sale ! The reason was, "for providing the salesman with a unfair competitive advantage". I plead guilty of that, except that every salesman was offered the same unfair advantage which made it fair except to those who chose to not use such assistance. HOPEFULLY - now that a major vendor provides the tech tools I might find dealers that want my "Lisa the customer service representative".  

LIVE VIDEO STREAMING CHAT  is a great tool - maybe the "greatest of all time". Its best use is as the "unfair competitive selling advantage" that initiates engagement happen right-out-of-the-gate at far higher rates. Such a head-start is impossible for competitor dealers to overcome which will force all to accept what none wanted 3 years ago or even 3 days ago. Now --- I expect a "me too" stampede.

"Lead  ....  Follow ... or Get Out of The Way !"                

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