Homepage to SRP Efficiencies: KPI Cafe Season 1 Episode 9

We normally want to give you a break from Covid-19 talk, but there's no great setup for this episode without referencing it. It's during crises like this that maintaining your digital presence is important because people are still searching.

You don't want to give up on what you've built. I bet your competitors and third-party sites aren't either. So let's dive into this KPI Cafe that helps give insights about making the customer journey efficient from your homepage to your SRPs. Let's make it a good experience, so they stay on your website where you're the sole influencer.

If you haven't subscribed, we have a lot of great educational content: http://bit.ly/2lAyOMK

And on Monday, we'll have a new KPI Cafe with one of our favorite people: Paul J Daly.

—— Topics Covered ——

Purpose of a Dealer’s Homepage (0:51)

What Does Auditing the Homepage to SRP Efficiency Tell Us? (1:11)

What Exactly Do We Mean by Efficiency? (1:33)

Homepage to SRP Chart: Top 20%, Bottom 20%, Average, Median, Standard Deviation (1:48)

What is the Key Takeaway of this KPI Cafe? (2:11)

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