How does the sale work?

1. What are the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team?

Managers - HRI provide 3 managers. Our team leader desks the deals and is responsible for handling meeting and closing our the event. Our F and I manager will structure the deals for maximum profits plus work hand and hand with the dealers F and I department. Our closer will talk to every customer possible and close the deals. He communicates with your desk on every deal, trains your sales people on the proper word tracks for the sale, and handles the floor start to finish. The dealer signs off on all the deals. No power booking or games. There is no need to do this to have a successful event.

OUR SALESPEOPLE - we typically bring about 7 to 10 salespeople. They are professional and seasoned industry sales veterans. We average $4,000 - $5,000 a deal by the end of the event.

2. How is your company compensated?

Our sales people and the dealer sales people are compensated in the same manner with a max pack of $500 and a minimum of 25% front end commission. In most cases we develop an ad budget of $25K to $30K. HRI COMMISSION TBA.

3. Walk me through a typical sale including pre-sale steps, the sale, and post sale wrap up


A) Our mailers are the "GOLD STANDARD" of the industry. We furnish all postal mail receipts

B) Our list is developed in house and we have a formula to eliminate the lower income and less desirable households. We perform this function manually by breaking the list out to carrier routes and removing the undesired routes rather than deleting or running an entire zip. This costs us more per piece and is time consuming but it is a big reason our average sale is over $250,000

C) HRI will then deliver the mail directly to the postal DDU'S (Direct Delivery Units). The mail is per-sorted and ready for immediate postal delivery. Most mail companies won't even consider this because it is expensive! Expense is one thing.. but late mail is tragic. We have every possible procedure in place to maximize the event.


A) Our team arrives the day before and prepares the lot. HRI will book out all the cars and have a code on the tag that lets us know a negative or positive position in relationship to book value. This way we can better structure the deal because every customer's situation is different when making a deal and it helps to maximize the gross profit.

B) The kickoff meeting takes place the first day of the sale around 8:30 am. We pull our team and dealer team together, train the word tracks, and build the motivation. We have a set system we follow, we put that to words, and it remains in place for the duration of the sale.

Important Note: ON our mailer we include a dedicated phone number. The customer calls this number and we play a recorded message that drives the customer to the event. At the point of contact,we capture all the customers info; including name and phone number for follow up. We average 2000 hits for follow up per event. This is the dealer dashboard. The dealer cal also print this out and follow up after the sale is completed! THIS IS A KEY BONUS FOR YOU! 

HRI - we have the best sales teams, here's why... We post UN-matched results and most of our teams have been with us for 6 years. All HRI teams sign a work contract on every deal which includes a d "conduct clause". If they or their personnel go out of bounds, they simply do not get paid and are under review! HRI HANDLES ANY AND ALL PROBLEMS WITHIN 24 HOURS. IT IS OUR COMMITMENT AND PROMISE TO YOU!


HRI will deliver 40% + of the per-owned inventory white increasing new vehicles sales. We can accomplish this in a weeks period at an average of $4,400 a copy; we can do this because we are the masters of the "10 step road to the sale process". We will show your staff how to ask for and for and receive cash down.

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Comment by Sally Whitesell on April 22, 2013 at 10:45pm

Very informative Brandon.  Please share some of your sales tips for success. It sounds like you guys have a lot of great tips that we could all learn from.


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