In our newest video series, Quality of Life, we’ve been learning more about Ali Reda. We’ve heard his goals for 2018, and the numbers that those goals produced. We also learned that breaking records has never been his goal. Frank Lopes told us in last week’s broadcast that the real measurement - the gold of who Ali is - exists not just in the fact that he achieves these great numbers, but in how he does it. So this week, we’re going to dive in with Ali, and hear from the man himself… How does he do it?

Ali attributes much of his success to his team and their process. It took some time to perfect that process, and it still changes as they move and grow. He describes his team as amazing! He has two assistants who share his goals and beliefs. Ali, Merna, and Sam run like clockwork and are rooted in care and hospitality for all who come to see them. He explains here that they are set up like a doctor’s office - a revolving door of one-on-one sales. It’s a fast, efficient process that is never rushed.

Ali’s process is one with principle and strategy.

  • Have a plan.
  • Show up early to get your mind right and your rituals out of the way.
  • Know your intentions.
  • Be laser-focused.
  • One call at a time.
  • One sale at a time.
  • One customer at a time.

I invite you to watch this week’s video and think about your own goals and beliefs. Are they reflected in your process?

It’s important for us to be true to who we are in this industry, and your team should be right there with you. We want you to be proud, profitable, and happy with your life!

What is your process? Write it down today.

Start with the 3-Step Process in Chapter 7 of Keep It Simple Selling as a base, and go from there.

Paying attention to the process that works for you will make you more aware of the customers’ needs and how to create solutions. If something feels right for you, you get to figure out why. If something isn’t right for you, eliminate it. If what you’re saying isn’t in your heart, if you’re fumbling, if you sound like you’re reading a script - you will come across inauthentically. Trust your intuition. Be yourself like no one else can.

Ask yourself often, “What is the outcome I’m trying to get to?” and “What has to happen to get there?” The awareness of the shift and the magic in reaching a new goal will propel you to the next easily.

Tell us in the comments below, “Are you excited about this process shift?”

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