How much Time are You Wasting Researching Your Inventory

Based on our research, the average Internet Manager, Inventory Manager, Sales Manager, GSM, and or GM spend an hour a day checking out the competition. Sure, an hour a day doesn’t seem to be too long when it comes to understanding the current market place, but what if you have 3 sales managers, 1 Internet Manager, 1 inventory manager, 1 GSM, and 1 GM, you can see the amount of time that is spent each day adds up.

Also, you must consider the amount of information you can truly find by checking 100’s of different websites each day. Sure, you can see how the dealer down the street or across town prices his 2016 Ford Fusions today, but what happens if he changes his price tomorrow? 

So I ask you, if you could eliminate the time and increase the effectiveness of your research is it something worth considering? 

Or more importantly, if your managers could spend an additional hour each day on training, follow-up, or prospecting how would that effect your bottom line?

VinCue can eliminate all of the manual research being done, or worse not being done at your dealership everyday. We provide all of the information you would need to understand the marketplace, pricing trends, stocking recommendations, vehicle demand, and so much more. What sets us apart is we push all of this information to you, via text or email, as often as you want it. If you want to know every time the Ford dealer across town drops the price of his 2016 Ford Fusions, we tell you. If you want to know color of best selling pre-owned Corolla’s on the market, we tell you. Or, if you just want to prove that you are the most competitively priced vehicles on the market to your customers, or possibly sales staff, we let you.

Is it worth 15 minutes of your research time today to chat with us to see if we can save your store hours of productivity everyday?

For More Info go to or email me to see your dealership in the VinCue system!

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