How Your BDC Can Minimize Leakage with Digital Customers

Did you know that less than 6 in 10 women car buyers report not being satisfied with the initial greeting at car dealerships? Last week, we discussed how to improve in-store guest engagement with 7 ‘face-to face’ suggestions.

However, when the initial interaction is via email or social media, your response is no less important. Digital communications have the advantage of being read when your customer has the time. It can actually be more relaxed and as effective as an in-store visit.

The number 1 resource women use when in the shopping funnel is dealers’ websites. Know that this market prefers to do business with a trusted resource. To improve these communications and convert more online browsers to buyers:

Tips for Improved Digital Communication

  1. Read the customer’s communication carefully before responding. What is her question? What information does she need? Take time to construct a concise response that creates trust. Keep it simple and to the point. Stay away from confusing industry jargon.
  2. Don’t start with a canned response. Your customer has taken time to engage with you, return the favor by starting with a personal response.
  3. Include reviews from women. Women rely on reviews 50% more than men. Include a link to reviews from her peers so she can discern the experience and culture and see how your dealership responds to great feedback and concerns.
  4. Why do business with you. Reviews help to shape beliefs about your dealership. However, it’s also important to manage expectations about the customer’s experience. Do you provide overnight concierge vehicles to service drive customers? Or, is 40% of your management team women-led? Or, do you create a comfortable and relaxed environment? Does your sales strategy include solution specialists that are low key and co-create relationships?
  5. Give her a reason to visit. Provide an incentive for her to take time to see what you have to offer. Use this platform to offer to wash her car or change the oil while she takes a tour of your facility. Have a few cars ready for a test drive. In short, make her visit efficient and productive.
  6. Provide value-add content. Some emails are outside the “price and payment” type. In these cases, link to content on your site to help guests navigate the many topics of car buying and taking care of their vehicles. See email example below:

Click here to get tips to improve face-to-face greetings.

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