If Support…

  • Responded with a call instead of silence
  • Gave you immediate attention instead of a support ticket number
  • Answered the phone immediately instead of a queue
  • Has a queue, then you know something is desperately wrong
  • Responded with action instead of a timeline
  • Categorically ranked your need based on how much it is their fault and handled those first.
  • Wasn’t overseas
  • Is handled with grace and humility instead of arrogance and finger-pointing
  • Did it for you rather than emailing you details on how you can do it yourself, when you have time
  • Took responsibility for the miscues of their products rather than play the blame game
  • Contacted the other 3rd party vendor proactively instead of requiring you to relay the message to them
  • Understands what it is like to do what you do
  • Actually has more staff than the sales team
  • Has the ability to fix rather than to dictate and file
  • Tries to keep you in the loop rather than at bay
  • Cares about their role in your success
  • Is as motivated to fix the issue as you are to solve it

….then that is a Support department that I can stand behind.  Unfortunately, far too many support departments in our industry fall short.  Share with me other ways you feel a Support team can earn your respect and retain your business.

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