Ladies and gentlemen, we are back with our newest video in the series, Advertising for Success! We’ve given you some work to do. Have you been keeping up? We want you to be wildly successful, and to do that you’re going to have to do the work! Our step-by-step process to boost your business didn’t come out of thin air. We have been perfecting this guide daily with Carlos. If you don’t know about him yet, let me bring you up to speed. Carlos has been a salesman at Les Stanford for about two years now. He started as a brand new automotive salesperson under the immediate supervisor of Mr. Ali Reda.  We wanted to take what Ali did in ten years and condense it into a five year model for success, and we brought Carlos in to help us with the formula. This blueprint will eventually be one that we share as a duplicatable training program for the industry, and we wanted to be sure and document it for you every step of the way.  We began with this projected timeline. 

  • 0-4 months: All about connection. 
  • At the 2 year mark: Shifting from transactional to relationship sales. 
  • Within 5 years: 100% in the relationship business. 

And good news! We were SO WRONG. Within the first month, Carlos was already all-relationship. He blew our projections out of the water immediately, and now at two years in,, Carlos is averaging 35-40 cars a month! Can you believe it!?! I invite you to grab a pen and paper, and watch this week’s video. 

As soon as the cards and flyers came in, Carlos began going to businesses to market himself. He didn’t  go out there to solicit business, he was advertising for success. He went into all his favorite local restaurants and stores AS HIMSELF, he told them he was starting something new, and that he was excited about it! He asked about THEIR business, and showed sincere interest in what they do. He didn’t go to every place in town. He started with the ones that he already went to, and just made himself known. 

“It’s one thing to advertise, it’s another entirely to be present.  Wherever you advertise, really be there.” - Ali Reda

Carlos plays soccer. He had a banner made to put up at all the games, and it makes a world of difference that he’s out there on the field playing the game. His family is in the stands, his friends are there cheering him on, and he is a part of  this community, FOR this community. It’s personal. He’s real. They might not call you just because they see your banner at a ball game. But they’ll definitely remember you if you are at the game passing out Gatorade to the players, offering yourself to your community. You are a real person too. Let people know that! They need to shake your hand and say hello to connect with you. We all have a story, and there is so much to gain from listening to others’ experience. We’re grateful that Carlos is willing to allow us to share his story as we continue to learn from and with him. You’ll find more about my story, and Ali Reda’s too, in How to Sell 100 Cars a Month. Click here for your free download now!  What’s next? Go to three places this week that you already frequent, and connect. Just say hello, tell them how much you appreciate the hard work they do, and ask them about themselves. Pick one, and post about them on your Facebook page. Make sure to tag them, thank them, and tell your people to get in there and support their business!  Got some places in mind? Name one for us in the comments below, and commit to your success!

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