Is your dealership blogging? if not why not?

Blogging to Drive Sales

Automotive marketers are shifting their budgets away from “interruption” advertising.  Because 1/3 of the world’s population is on the internet, it is critical that auto, boat, motorcycle and boat dealers go inbound vs outbound to rev up revenue and sales.  It goes without saying, dealers need to be where their buyers are in order to gain brand exposure and build reputation, while also achieving top search engine ranking.  The most-effective way to accomplish business goals is to recycle your automotive wisdom, experience, and perspective online.   Fifty-seven percent of marketers acquired customers from blogging and your automotive blogs can surely give you that competitive edge you are looking for.

Although external factors can keep potential buyers from frequenting your showroom, traffic to your dealer website should remain strong.  If you are blogging, more than likely, you would have noticed that motivated shoppers were still browsing your dealer site in hopes to obtain information about the inventory and services you offer.  In case you haven’t figured it out, blogging helps dealerships stand out in today’s crowded, competitive digital landscape.  Just as you have gone to great lengths to brand the uniqueness of your physical dealership, creating visibility online should be top priority.  Most dealers have quickly discovered that blog frequency impacted customer acquisition, meaning that they have generated increased shopper interest and sales.

The best way to increase your blog’s effectiveness is to provide lively, interesting, and original content, with images and tags to keep your audience engaged.  Positioning permanent tracks in the blogosphere can bring a wealth of SEO value to your webpage and you will immediately establish the voice of your brand.  When you started blogging, did you find it helpful to try different topics or subject matter, or maybe even include customer testimonials? Some dealers prefer these tactics to add regional recognition, while simultaneously humanizing their dealership.  To supplement your inbound marketing efforts, dealers should blog up to 20 times per month.  The more keyword-rich content you generate, the more search engines will find (and love) you.

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