KISS to KICK -- A New Acronym for Today’s Workforce

For those with a tendency to make things more complicated than things really are “Keep It Simple, Stupid” served as a consistent concept that kept Advertising meetings from turning into Geek Speak aka Information Technology (IT) sessions. Instead of discussing advertising we would have been discussing pixels and code on web pages.


However, with the advent of Big Data, there’s a whole new advertising strategy for advertising that’s come to market. Keep it Simple, Stupid has a new best friend who’s now sitting at the table.


A few years after the surge in Big Data faux agencies are now introducing what I call the KICK concept. 


“Keep It Complicated, Kid” could be the new, fashionable approach to closing confused clientele.

It’s confusing, difficult, and speaks with magical, mystical unicorn-like catchphrases. It’s unfortunate and understandable all at the same time.


Have you seen any of the testimony with Facebook or Google whiz kids in front of congress? Memes everywhere as Zuckerburg patiently explained technological concepts to congress.

Owners beware of those that want to Keep It Complicated. At the end of the day, the business model still has to work.

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