Ladders are needed to develop our lives; they are needed spiritually, personally and professionally. There are some interesting characteristics of ladders. Ladders can be transported anywhere and are amazingly strong. Their ageless design enables the ability to weather any storm and can also be loaned to serve any friend in need.  Within the frame of a ladder are its rungs, which are spaced about a foot apart.  Due to the rungs’ spacing, it is almost impossible to skip a rung when climbing; each rung seems to selfishly demand being used by its user. 


Today, speed and technology have converted users from ladders to lifts. Lifts have the ability to seamlessly elevate a user quicker; the downside to a lift is a user can go down just as fast as he moved up. Some users of lifts have even fallen from great heights, crippling their future.  The ladder’s rungs forgive and appreciate a user’s movement; it is always willing to help a user move up or down the ladder.


A ladder’s frame is the frame of our life; we get to choose where to place the ladder.  The rungs are the most important. There is no ladder without rungs. The rungs are those who support you along your journey. Don’t ever forget the rungs- without them; there would be no ladders.

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Comment by Marsh Buice on May 27, 2011 at 12:49pm
As much as I loooooove to read, the first thing I do with a magazine article is see how long it is, then determine if I have time to read it right then. I try to think like that-but it is hard sometimes >
Comment by Marsh Buice on May 27, 2011 at 12:48pm

Chris, thanks so much for your comments. Man, if I showed you the original draft, it would be 3 pages long. I get long winded and my thoughts go all over, but as I read, I begin to tweak  them and I try to keep them concise and tight bc I know alot of people  want a burst of knowledge and go.

 I love your analogies of taking some common thoughts and spinning them into a different analogy. Keep them coming, you help my thoughts come together.  We all need each other :)

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