Looking for ways to turn activity into customers?

Are traditional Marketing tactics and sales tactics really dead?


Should your sales and marketing team abandon the tactics they have used for years?


Here is a video that states just that:



This has been a sore point for me for years with Internet and social media marketers. They all forget that SEO is fantastic, websites are fantastic, automated marketing machines and even Social Media are fantastic.


The only problem is all the marketing in the universe does not really generate any sales or revenue.


Marketing people have been telling me my whole life that advertising sells things. That funny or insightful add, the viral video the million dollar Super Bowl TV spot. The truth is these ads get the names of the companies in front of customers and sometime this helps drive traffic to the worldwide sales teams that actually get it done.


Now I am not saying that advertising is not changing. I am also not saying that the Internet and Social Media are not great Marketing and Sales tools. What I am saying is they are all part of a Marketing and Sales strategy and Salespeople ere the ones who "MAKE IT HAPPEN".


The great thing is that salespeople can do more of the heavy lifting online today and marketers who are trying to convince everyone that they have all the answers are finally painting themselves into a corner. You no longer need a huge budget to get your message in front of customers and even better after you have learned the tools you can do most of the heavy lifting yourself.


Of course the marketers are starting to realize this so they are trying to get into the training business or replace sales teams. There is only one problem, email does not sell things, website do not sell things, Salespeople Sell things.


All the traffic, prospects and advertising in the world will drive traffic but without a sales team there is no revenue, this is the bottom line. Website and Social Media are great tools but it is the Salesperson that gets it done.


If you are looking for better tools and results as a salesperson or marketer you need to learn Linked in, here is why:



If you have questions, I can help.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article tonight and sell, sell, sell.....


Ian Nethercott

Proactive Dealer Solutions

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