How to ask for the right phone number and caputre email every time........

Hello Dealer Elite Members,

I have been working with Dealerships all over North America for quite a while now. The thing that amazes me every day is that dealers, service writers, Sales Managers and Sales people fail to capture the information they need to follow up their customers every day.

Step One: Ask Great Questions

If you don't ask the right way you will not get the information you need.

Step Two: Make sure there is a benefit for the customer to give you the information

No one wants to update your records or database or give you access if there is no reason for them to do so

Step Three: If a new process works, use it every time.......

Start asking great questions, stop looking for reason's while you fail and start looking for the solutions that help you and your team grow your business.

If you have questions, need help or want to stop making it up and learn a better way to grow your business we can help!

Make it a great day and never stop thinking outside of the box ever!

A great video:

Ian Nethercott

Proactive Dealer Solutions

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