At my first dealership, in the mid 70's, we used cards and a file for everything. From the system for ordering parts to reconditioning costs on used cars.  And here I am, dawn of 2011, blogging my aspirations for the future. A digital web, open to the world, will hold my words long after I am gone.  But for now this blog is another tool used towards achieving my goals for the coming year.

Why lucky?  Timing I suppose.  Moving from hand written inventory controls to social media marketing gives me a unique perspective that I would not trade away. Watching the automobile sales profession change,  from pressure and tricks towards an outstanding customer experience, has allowed me to embrace change.  That is really why I feel lucky, most people can not change.  I started at just the right time to see change, learn to adapt to it and understand the pace of its acceleration.

Sharing that point of view is my focus for the new year.  I wish to help dealers increase their market share and cut their ma...  It can be done, and dealers that embrace the change will prosper again.  How much more time would you have as a GM, GSM or Sales Manager if you no longer needed to worry about a newspaper ad or a television campaign.  A digital marketing campaign will gather thousands of local prospects. Prospects that are tilted towards your product, as understood by the technology they use to navigate the web.

Enlightened? Yes, it makes no difference what business we are in, we need the web.  Local cleaners, nail techs, hardware stores or any other you can think of, we need it much more than the big companies.  Do you search for Pepsi?  Or perhaps Disneyland?  You are more likely to search for a local business or product that is available around the corner from you at any given moment. Untill now you may have found what you are looking for a thousand miles away or more. Our Geo-Targeting and intuitive marketing solutions are turn-key, they work 24-7-365.  No worry about pay-per-click monitoring, no worries about SEO fees and most importantly hundreds or thousands of new prospects every month with a full report on web activity delivered to your inbox.  Ad in our text marketing package and a full-time campaign coach is provided.

The web is going to make 2011 the best year every for sales at the ViralMarketplace.  We now have salespeople in 5 states and are looking for more.  If you need to change your situation NOW, watch this video, it could change your life.  You can also visit our opportunity page here. 

I wish each and everyone out there a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Visit my home page at anytime.  Search ViralMarketplace or just click!

Complete Ad campaigns start at about 200 monthly.

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