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Up tick... Up tick... Up tick.

     I love those great months... who doesn't?.  You know the ones.. Excellent production, solid gross and great back end penetration.  Record numbers in the service drive and the parts numbers to support the RO's.

Up tick... Up tick.

Business being better at our physical place of business generally means an up tick in the web traffic.…


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Improve your Community and Sell, Sell, Sell!

 It started for me early.  Social selling that is.  I was working on a project for a hospital charity about a dozen or so

people turned out.  Painting the walls in the old building and the guy next to me, in conversation, asks, “What do you do for a living?”.  Of course I said I sold cars…  About an hour later as we were “admiring” our handy work… another…


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Help for the Used Car Director...

 It’s ready to help you.. as quickly as today!  You can now have instant access to over 20,000 cars and trucks.  No Auction fees, no buy fees and no “no sale” fees either…. With the same quality assurance offered by your local auction.

How about buy bids?  Would you like it if you could get a buy bid from several hundred buyers without picking up the…


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Demonstration Drive? Every Single Time! Building your Business

How many times have I asked a sales person, "Have they driven the car?" Do you have any idea how many times I hear, They drove it at the other dealer or they don't have time to drive it or my favorite. They already own one that is three years old.  Really?  You are going to waste all that time on a write up when your chances of closing a deal without a demo…


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Social Selling: Building a Business within a Business VI

Becoming involved in your community, church or civic organization will bring rewards far beyond a pay check or a few more car sales.  Those that engage in these organizations for the betterment of their communities will receive great satisfaction for their efforts.

At a local services center, our car club was using money that we had raised to tile and carpet…


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Were you busy today? Building a Business within a Business V

So were you?  Many people I have discovered over the years come to the dealership, work their shift taking ups... and are upset at the end of the day if they have not sold a car... There really is no surprise is there?  Standing around all day and shooting the breeze with each other.... I mean, what sales person is going to buy from you?

There really is so…


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The Service Drive: Building a Business within a Business IV


It is true.  How many customers does your service drive see each and every day?  Take a moment and ask your service manager.  When you find the number of RO's written each day on the service drive, I promise, you will want to spend all of your time out there!

It is easy and there are several ways you can make a serious impact on your bottom line if…


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Building a Business Within a Business III Follow Up!






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Building a Business within a Business ll

 Yes.... it is true.  You have those things you need to do each morning to get ready for your day.  It is no different than starting your day with positive action at the automobile dealership.

Go ahead, have that cup of coffee. Sit down at your desk and write your to do!  Make sure that it includes the following:

  • Review of CRM…

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Building a Business in a Business!


The truth is, selling cars and becoming a True Professional is not easy.  Yes, selling cars is easy for some and tougher for others.  With a great desk manager and some superior training you can even make good money, this series is more about how to make great money every day, not just a few time a…


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Social Media Solution for small or large dealers!

 The end of the year has finally arrived.  Still puzzled as to why dealers are not yet fully using social media to drive sales.  Visited a Fan page for a dealer today... This dealer was one of the top dealers in the country for years.  No science as to why they are having a hard time selling a hundred units now..  Their page only had 25 fans.

Visited another, they…


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Facebook Can..... Finally.

Chances are you have a Facebook page.  Chances are good, you don't think to much of it.  Chances are you have not seen the new application Social Outbreak.  Your Dealership should have it.


Would it be good if your Facebook page had links to your new inventory?  Pre-Owned as well?  How about being able to schedule service appointments?  Order parts?  This new application can do this an much…


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Facebook Commercial Solution?

Yes, I believe so.  Social Outbreak. 

For years I have studied, practiced and looked for anything that gave my dealers an edge with digital marketing.  Success has always been a tough job.  There are so many lead collection services that compete with my dealer clients in the pay per click format that I had to become a Google Certified Partner to…


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Enthusiasm... There it Is.

The alarms rings at 5:30 am.  Up and at it.  Shower and all that jazz, coffee, breakfast and into the car.  I wanted to be the first salesperson at the store.  Each day.  Even days I was due in for the afternoon shift, there I was waiting for the chain to drop.  Enthusiasm, I had it.  Some of the people I worked with over the years told me they could tell when I was in the showroom, the energy increased.

Selling twenty or 30 cars a month.  Holding gross.  Prospecting through the…


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Social Media. You can do it now!

I am so excited for what is about to happen in the world of Social Media... We are about to launch the "Social Outbreak" tool.  We will be fully integrated with Facebook on this, so the ride is expected to be a thrill.

What is it?  It is a tool that will allow you to build a Facebook page or multiple pages that will rival those of Coke and Aflac.  They spent tens of thousands of dollars, this ap will be about 100.

What if your facebook page were able to do lead capture work? …


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Are you Ready to Rock?

What if a Hall of Fame autosales person was willing to work with your managers, your sales and fixed operation people for one week, free?


Would it make it any better if that person was also one of the internet sales pioneers in the Auto industry?  With sites that generate over 35 Million dollars yearly under his belt.

Top off with this:  His internet marketing campaings bring his clients hundreds of new prospects, a full digital presence and a couple hundred thousand…


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Social Media... You have known it all along.

Oh yes.  That scary world of social media.  How do I do it?  Seems like free advertising.... hmmm.  I can just set it up and let it go, right?

There really are no questions about social media that you have not already answered sometime in your career.  Social media is just an online version of what any successful business operator or salesperson has done for years.

Think about what you may have done with the Lions Club, Optimist Club, Boys and Girls Club, your church, your…


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We really Can!

We really can make your newspaper ads interactive!

We really can boost your conversion rate for everyone who visits your web site.

We really can report on the effectiveness of every ad you place, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Flyers, Web, Even business cards.

New Technology can be up and running in 48 hours and results with-in minutes.  Sell More Cars.…


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Excited, Stunned and Ready to Share.

I have been around for a day or two.  This car biz is really in my blood.  Started when I was a kid, really.  Back in the day when you could tell what year and model an automobile was by looking at the tail lamps at night.  (A game I played with my Dad in the 60's)


Increase marketing effectiveness 200% to 800% without spending any extra money. And measure effectiveness of this program in hours after launch. That is why I am stunned.  I thought I had seen just about…


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Can Someone here recommend a Resume Writer?

Over the years I have written and re-written my resume.  And you know what? I suck at it.  I keep thinking about some of my accomplishments for the dealers I have helped over the years, and I can never get it right on paper.


So If you know of someone, not one of the internet services, but someone that has worked well for you, please post a reply.




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