I love those great months... who doesn't?.  You know the ones.. Excellent production, solid gross and great back end penetration.  Record numbers in the service drive and the parts numbers to support the RO's.

Up tick... Up tick.

Business being better at our physical place of business generally means an up tick in the web traffic.  With those increased leads.. of course, there is an up tick in the number of bad phone numbers.  Phone numbers that don't connect to anything... Phone numbers that belong to an unsuspecting citizen.  One who may be upset by the time you call.. having received a few dials already... What to do?  What to do.

Up tick....

Raise your game.  Yep.  Rise to meet the challenge.  Apologize if you have connected with that unsuspecting phone number.  ( I have even sold a few of these people cars over time... another blog I suppose.)

Send your first email... Yep.  Write it.  Get some empathy going.  There has to be a reason that they put a phony number down.. (by the way.. I don't require any phone numbers on any of our contact pages to lower the number of times this happens.)  If you can provide clear information and direct links to what they are looking for... You're going to get a phone number and an appointment.  I always include my cell phone number... theses people will communicate via text more often than not....  In fact as far as texting goes... there is an up tick there too.  More deals every day with this method of communication.

Yes.. if business is in the "up tick" mode.. take advantage... make more phone calls... send more emails... text away.  We have to make hay while the sun is shinning in this business... don't take those up ticks for granted. 

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