Changing this industry starts with you, leaders. 

Quit managing numbers and cars, and start loving people. Let’s think back to your beginnings. How did you get started? Who was your mentor? What did they do to help you grow? 

Your raise becomes effective when your salespeople do. How do you build them up? Are you coaching them through deals?

I invite you to watch this week’s video, and step into your role!

Be a mentor to your people. Put your heart and soul into each of your employees, as if you REALLY want them to succeed. 

Looking for where to begin?

  • Teach salespeople how to get the picture.
  • Be supportive and safe so that they want to share the “PP” with you at desk.
  • Give information to teach strategies and create certainty.
  • Offer a proposal presentation to offer solutions and solve the “PP.”

Want to see the simple 3-Step Selling Process that Ali Reda uses every day? Click here to get your copy of Keep It Simple Selling. Do the work! Help your employees achieve greatness! You hired them with the intention of success, right? Of course you want them to thrive and grow. How then, do so many fail? 

What are you doing to create an environment that promotes forward movement? This is your business, and I want you to make it better for the new people who come into it. There is something missing in our industry. Don’t let it be you!

One of my favorite managers found just the incentive I needed to make my business shift. He took the time to coach me through my uncertainty because he believed in me. What if he hadn’t? There are pivotal times for salespeople in this industry, and it’s our job to get them over the hump. It’s all downhill once you’re over the hump. In the comments below, tell us about a leader who saw your potential and helped you grow.

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