There’s a topic we believe is important to address prior to enlisting the
aid of mentors in this area. In many people’s minds — and in much of our
culture today — the very idea of wealth,
on at least a “gut” level, has been villainized. In my experience, however, nothing
could be further from the truth. Most of
the wealthy people I’ve known have been
kind, caring, generous people who have
worked extremely hard for what they
have earned.

So, why is wealth villainized?

Because of a few bad eggs? Because of envy? Whatever the reason, if you’re reading this book, you already know intellectually that wealthy people are not the villains.

Do you know it in your heart,

It can be hard to aspire to build a career and material wealth if a
little voice is constantly telling you that amassing wealth is a bad thing.
Rather than seeing wealth as some kind of moral failing, think about
how many more moral opportunities we might have if we’re working
from a place of financial independence and prosperity. When people are
barely scraping by, there’s no time for anything else other than survival.
We shouldn’t let the fear of losing ourselves and our moral compass keep
us from doing what it takes to achieve great things.

If we view money as a means to amplify good — rather than our reason
for living — financial prosperity can lead to other forms of prosperity. It will
lead to the freedom and independence to build our lives into something
truly special, both for us and those around us.

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