NEWS: "Local Search Group Announces New Service for Dealers:"

Local Search Group proudly announces an entirely new concept in automotive retail via


“Dealers are typically evaluated by consumers, but we know there’s a better ecosystem when there’s mutual accountability,” said Jim Flint, CEO and Founder of Local Search Group.


The new website creates a paradigm shift whereby dealers evaluate customers on whether they actually complete a transaction or not.


The concept, while fresh in the automotive retail space, actually uses Uber’s new business model. Historically riders evaluate drivers. However, more recently drivers can now evaluate riders. The level of accountability – on both sides—went up, and the corresponding number of issues as well as customer complaints went down.


The same model should bring welcome relief to dealers as they level the playing field.


Consumers, already familiar with the working model, are expected to bring new levels of friendliness to showroom floors. Dealers will be able to know up-front whether the person who entered their store is not only someone likely to buy a car, but also helps to create a relationship that keeps customers coming back for service and potentially future sales.


Dealers can sign up for the website here and begin evaluating consumers at their earliest convenience. With a retail cost of $399 per month, the platform is expected to be a hit with retailers and patrons alike.


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