Once again a Non Car Guy telling the public how to buy a car.

I am working late once again and while doing some research I ran into this start-up company.

I found them while doing some searching on Youtube. I was doing searches on Craigslist postings and something caught my eye where the ads are on the right. It read carcopia.com Buy the same place where dealerships buy from.

Obviously, I could not help but do a complete background on what this company is about.

Of course the consumer would be interested.....another company who is telling the consumer they can get around dealer prices.

Here is how it looks when you do a search on Google

In majority of the cases, the consumer has less information when buying from a dealership, compared to a credible online source like CarCopia. Most of our cars...
Am I being sensitive about that statement. That statement I am reading states that Carcopia is a credible source and because I work at a dealership anything I say is not credible? Before I wrote this I did more research to see if I am overreacting to yet another start-up company.
The owner started the company in Dec of 2012. He graduated with a MBA in 2012 from the Wharton School of business. Before that he worked in public relations for a fortune 500 company and from 1999-2004 he lists he was a Manager for computer software company. I left the companies out of it...but easily it can be found for those who wish to see.
So obviously he has bought a few cars in his 37 years on this planet. So does that make him the expert? Does this make him more credible and a dealer apparently not credible? Lets look more into this person.
This is a couple of quotes from the Youtube video. "Millions of buyers like you dread buying a used car.....then the pesky salesman....we then work with corporate partners to bring the car to a dealership near you....we cut the overheard of flashy dealerships and grueling sales."
I really suggest you see the video yourself at carcopia.com
Does this sound familiar. Yet another Non-Car person who started a company and is telling the public how to buy a car. Why salespeople are so bad and why you should use there service. Who do you think is funding this company. The customers buying the car or the dealerships that are not really called dealerships. They are called 
corporate partners. Does this sound a lot nicer and polite?
I did my best to go through the FAQ page and about us page to see a list of "Corporate partners" but could not find it nor find it in my searches. But I would bet it is dealerships who are stupid enough to sign up and fund an anti-dealership company.
As a Dealer I fully support companies that support me back. I have enjoyed many relationships with Autotrader, Cars, KBB, Autobytel, and Edmunds just to name a few. If I left others out it was not on purpose there are many fine companies to choose from. The difference with any of the companies I have listed they do not sell there service by demonizing a car dealership.
It is one thing to give a consumer an option to buy a vehicle. I actually have no problem with that. I have to assume this auction is like many auctions consumers can buy from. It is the stuff a dealer does not want. But they are being mislead to the quality and quantity at the auction. At this time I have no idea where the vehicles are coming from. But that is another debate and not my point at all.
My point is why does these people who have never worked 1 day at a dealership think they know about how the auto industry really works. Work a day at a dealership and see how hard good sales people work. I respect the salespeople who work at my dealership. They work long hours and help customers who may not even have purchased a car from them. Sometimes consumers come in and just have questions about a car they purchased on the past. Do we turn them away or do we help them. The answer is of course we spend as much time as they need and give them great service. We hope that the consumer shares what happened and it pays off. But even if they did not we do it because that is what you do when people need help. It is a thankless job for the most part as we only see and hear the negatives. I know there are a few bad people in our industry but there are thousands of hard working good people in here too.
To label us and put us on the internet as "pesky, grueling" and "flashy".
If he hates dealerships and salespeople so bad. He can open his own dealership and go deliver the cars himself !

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