I love Apple products. In fact I do all of my work on Apple with a Macbook Air at home and iMac at the office. Dealers and Dealership Executives tend to love Apple too. The stores offer a different buying experience and the products are great and easy to use.

The top question from dealership executives I am hearing right now is “What about iPads for salespeople or service advisors?”

The short answer is that iPads are coming to dealerships but we can’t say how. Several manufacturers are stating that they will push them as are several software vendors.

That being said, remember the showroom kiosk that was supposed to help customers buy a car? Some of you still have one sitting in the corner collecting dust. I believe iPads are coming but I recommend waiting to adopt until we see exactly how they will work and the ROI.

What you need to know:

  •           iPads are coming but don’t be in a rush to be an early adopter. Make sure you have a clear roadmap for business use
  •           the iPad will require excellent and secure wireless coverage. You will likely have an investment here to increase your wireless power and coverage

Erik Nachbahr


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