It’s mid-month our  goals are in place now for nearly 2 weeks and many of us can begin to see the “Finish Line” in the distance. We can all but taste victory and It’s at this very moment that we cannot allow ourselves to become comfortable but put or foot squarely on the pedal and press down with all we have in us and “Finish Strong”!


I have trained hundreds of sales people over the last two decades and have witnessed too many times at this  very point in the race reps put themselves in cruise control, telling and convincing themselves that momentum and effort from the beginning of the month will carry them through. This is a fallacy and almost always results in us falling short of goals set. We talk a lot about writing down our goals and how the world’s top 3% do so, and because of this they are successful. However true we all too quickly forget that “knowledge isn’t power…but rather applied knowledge”, so writing goals down while extremely important its implementation (execution) of the goals that cause the success.


Let’s look at “top performers” for a minute. There are a lot of characteristics that are common threads in many of today’s most successful sales professionals and one that is almost always present is the innate ability to turn up the passion a notch when everything is on the line. In other words when the “finish line” is in sight instead of business as usual “top performers” put the “pedal to the metal” turning up their intensity level making a bee line for the “finish line”.


I want to encourage those who are on track to do something special this month or to those who are possibly tracking behind where you need to be to “finish strong”. Whether you are headed for a record or playing catch up it’s not time to settle for cruise control and to start looking at next month’s race. I have seen last place make a comeback mid-month and end up in first by month’s end and as long as we have fight left in us there is   always opportunity, but it requires the “PEDAL TO THE MEDAL”! – This phrase is commonly used to emphasize   accelerating…it’s when the accelerator is pushed so far it can’t move any more. As long as there is room between the foot well and accelerator then we haven’t pushed down hard enough. But when we put the “pedal to the medal” and push the gas pedal to the floor, making the vehicle BURST to its highest possible speed…and as we gather the speed necessary we begin to move quickly towards the destination (goals) that we’ve set.   


So don’t burnout…but “FINISH STRONG”!

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