Have you ever had great momentum in your corner...the kind where the energy and intensity level has been nothing short of incredible? Me too...it's a great thing to feel and experience isn't it? But how do we POSSESS it? I don't want to visit but I want rather to live there! To have it is one thing but to harness and allow it to carry you into greatness is all together something different and a far rarer occurrence...unless we can learn how to accomplish it. Would you believe that it hinges on one word that you may not think is related? That word is "FINISH"! That's right...finish is the word that we must embrace and more importantly implement if we are going to journey from moderate success into major significance.  


Finish - To arrive at or to attain.


Too many times we stop short...hanging out a little while...long enough to experience a little momentum and success, but leave without the prize! I want to encourage you to "finish". What do I mean by that? When we are fighting an enemy in battle or competing against the opposing team in a game and have them retreating or losing ground the last thing we can afford to do is let up. We would make a mistake if we regressed even an inch...or if we left them with any life whatsoever. WE MUST "finish" them off and make sure they are done!


We have the momentum in our favor and the energy is "off the chain"! Now we must take full advantage of that and take hold of the prize that we know is there. We must Pursue, Press in, Push through, and then Possess the Promise! It is ours to own!! So "FINISH" it!!!  Put your foot squarely on the neck of the opposition called "stop short" until the resistance is no more and the battle is won.


So I adjure you to - negotiate with yourself - set immediate goals - get a strategy - execute - "FINISH"!!  



David Villa, CEO      

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Comment by David Villa on June 12, 2012 at 10:15am

thank you Bobby! Iron sharpens iron brother!

Comment by David Villa on June 9, 2012 at 9:08am
Thank you My friend
Comment by Marsh Buice on June 8, 2012 at 2:52pm
David, very inspiring brother. Joel's want to, Pro's FINISH! Helluva job!

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