People Aged 55 And Older Interact With More Branded Content Than Younger Generations



Knowing your audience is important when it comes to creating engaging content. A recent study revealed that those aged 55 and older are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content than those age 28 or younger.  Yep, you read that right, Baby Boomers are beating millennials—by a long shot—when it comes to interacting with your branded content!


Boomers tend to get a rap for being less-than-savvy when it comes to online know-how, but surprisingly, a recent poll found they actually represent the largest generational group that spends an hour or more per day online.  What differs with this generation, however, is the way they use online resources.  While they may not be big social media users, they do place quite a bit of value on being independent, and they’ve found online connectivity helps them reach out to business, get products they need, and contract services.  And don’t forget, some pretty major names are associated with both developing the internet and the desktop computer; some memorable Boomers include Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs.


Know Your Audience

When you appeal to your audience, you keep everyone engaged.  It’s not all about Boomers.  But it’s not all about millennials either.  There are plenty of generational groups to consider, as well as consumers from a variety of cultural backgrounds, with different income levels, and with infinite personalities.  The list could go on forever, but the main idea is you need to focus your messaging on the needs of your target audience.  And you need to know who makes up your local demographic before you can successfully target them.


Why?  Because you won’t stand a chance of gaining advocates who will share your brand message if you don’t connect with them in a way that resonates.  When you share content that adds value and meaning, you’ll capture consumer interest, and in turn, you’ll gain a larger audience.  Your dealership might be creating the best content in the world, BUT if it doesn’t ring true for your specific audience, it won’t stick.  Check out the following tips to help you create content consumers will want to interact with and share:


  • Surprise them or make them curious. Creative, well-designed content is a great start, but go beyond that to capture and keep consumer attention.  You can have a more impactful emotional effect and make your followers feel important when you offer unexpected perks, such as invitations to exclusive events or discounts on services.  And you can make them more curious about your dealership by creating teaser content that leads intrigues them regarding new makes and models, features, or upcoming dealership specials.


  • Make sharing quick and easy. Remove obstacles between viewing and sharing your content, so your audience can reach out and engage even more consumers.  Make it easy by adding share buttons to your website!  If this seems easy to you, that’s great; however, many businesses still haven’t done this, and it’s a missed opportunity.  And keep in mind, placement of these buttons is important. Make sure they’re in an easy-to-spot location.  Visitors to your page should be able to spot them easily without having to search.


  • Ask for shares. Once you’ve completed successful transactions with your customers, don’t be afraid to ask them to share their experiences or leave feedback!  When you send a follow-up email, it’s easy to add a share button, but be sure to clearly ask customers to share.  (Often they’ll skim right past the button if you don’t ask.)  Additionally, keep in mind the importance of maintaining and staying active on your review sites.  It’s key to getting to know your customers and ensuring you provide exactly what they’re looking for in a dealership experience.  You’ll also be showing potential future customers your dealership is a great place to shop.


  • Balance images and text. Your online audience is more likely to stop and read a post with an image that stands out. Online posts with images in color increase consumer willingness to engage by 80%, and consumers are 65% more likely to remember information if it’s paired with an image.  So it’s critical you do a good job of balancing your posts.  Images can accentuate great writing content and help it resonate you’re your audience.


It’s a big undertaking to get to know your audience, understand what they’re looking for in the marketplace, and ensure you provide content that resonates for everyone.  But when you take the time to get it right, it will pay off big-time for your dealership. When consumers are intrigued and engaged, they’ll be more invested in your brand—and they’ll share what you have to say with others.  You’ll increase your reach exponentially.  Take advantage of the ease of online access, as well as the fact that multiple generations are online, and create great content that spreads like wildfire.

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