If you’re concerned as an owner or GM that you’ve been putting too much time into your BDC, you might be right. A business development center is not the type of department you should need to micromanage. With the right manager and training partner, your BDC should be driving revenues in every department, and all you’ll have to do is make a few big-picture decisions here and there. 

Of course, getting a great team isn’t enough—they will also need a few tools for the job. If you give them a solid foundation with great hardware and software, phone scripts, and coaching, they’ll be in a position to make the most of your investment while you focus on other aspects of your business. 

So, what do they need to succeed? Here are the basics every BDC should have to maximize appointments, generate leads, and boost every aspect of your business—without eating into your daily routine. 


Everyone deals with space limitations in their businesses, but your BDC is somewhat unique in that it really does require a dedicated workspace that’s physically separated from other dealership activities. After all, they’ll be focusing 100% on customer needs, and that means being removed from distractions and noises that will filter through. 

In fact, unlike other aspects of your dealership, a BDC doesn’t even need to be on the premises! They can operate efficiently from an offsite space, and this is a common choice when a BDC is acting as a hub for several dealerships at once. 


These two go hand-in-hand. A great CRM (customer relationship management) platform will allow your team to organize and analyze every customer detail, and it’s the foundation of their revenue-driving activities. You’ll also need to ensure they have hardware that can run it quickly and efficiently, so speak to your automotive consultant for details.  

You’ll need a dedicated workstation for each employee to maximize what they can deliver for you, and invest in some good-quality wired headsets. Wireless headsets can run into all kinds of problems, and every loss of service is a potential sale hanging up the phone. 


The right BDC manager can help you capitalize on revenue opportunities in every department. On top of that, if you empower them to take the reins, they can handle all the day-to-day operations, monitor key metrics, make adjustments with your team, and generate reports. 

To do this efficiently—and without you watching over their shoulder— a BDC manager must have the authority to:

  • Offer employment to candidates.
  • Select employee work assignments.
  • Evaluate team performance.
  • Write or modify sales scripts to improve performance.
  • Exert reasonable control over the departmental budget.


With the right resources, your BDC will be able to maximize the return they deliver on your investment. There’s always a temptation to ask a little more of a great team, but make sure you don’t overload them when it’s actually worth hiring another representative. 

Listen closely to your BDC manager’s input and keep an eye on key metrics like missed calls and callbacks. Too many calls is a good problem to have, and it may mean it’s time to expand. 


Some businesses see their BDC as a customer service department and hire employees at an hourly rate. This is outdated thinking and misses an opportunity to leverage the advantages of a commission model. 

Just like your sales team, your BDC is about pursuing opportunities to drive revenue. That’s why setting goals for things like appointment set and show rates and rewarding representatives in their paychecks for hitting goals keeps them hungry and growing your business. 


To ensure consistent brand messaging and top-notch customer service, scripts are a must-have. They give your employees a proven road map to closing and cover any normal situation they might encounter. 

Should you write them yourself? You can, but there’s a much better option: the automotive training specialist who’s working with your BDC should be willing to write them for you. These experts have professionalized knowledge of the latest best practices and customer trends in the industry, and they’ll already be working directly with your BDC associates to make sure they’re perfectly executed. 


This is the number one place where GMs and owners lose time and money. Keeping your team on point with training updates and constructive feedback is an ongoing job that can be the difference between huge returns and constant burns. You definitely don’t have time, but believe it or not…

…neither does your BDC manager. 

They’re going to have their hands full coordinating your team, and training is an extremely specialized skill. The key to a BDC that runs like clockwork and delivers huge returns is to set them up with a dedicated automotive training and coaching expert they can coordinate with on an ongoing basis. They’ll catch all the details you’re looking for, and many more you aren’t. 


The top dealerships in the country stay ahead of the competition because they work smarter, not just harder. BDCs are an indispensable part of the modern industry, and getting the most out of the investment for the least amount of time is all down to organizing it properly from day one. 

With the right equipment, a great BDC manager will have everything they need to ensure the day-to-day operations are smooth so you don’t have to stress over the details. The final piece of the puzzle is working with a dedicated industry specialist who can handle the training and coaching side of the equation. These professionals make sure your BDC is always on top of its game and deliver the ongoing support it takes to stay ahead of the competition. 

Learn more about what goes into creating and maintaining one of these revenue-generating powerhouses, and set your BDC up to run on autopilot so you focus on putting your dealership into overdrive. 

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