Randolph's Announcement, Matt Heald Is The New President Of BLC Firm, LLC

Randolph sold Bottomline Consulting Firm to his Vice President Matt Heald on July 8th 2011. 











Matt has assisted Randolph in consulting, seminars, and creating the profits for dealerships across the United States. Matt and BLC Firm is a great asset to the automotive industry, especially during the times we are currently experiencing. 


Bottomline Consulting Firm was established in 2010. I had to create a business plan and a road map from a blank piece of paper. It was one of my biggest challenges, I have ever taken on, but the most rewarding. I worked hard to create a consulting business that would stand out from the rest. Also, had to work smarter to deliver the results I promised to my clients. My philosophy was simple, any financial sound business runs on systems. So, I built systems that were implemented in each business I consulted. There was more to it than just setting systems. To make change with employees you must perform extensive hands on training, role playing, and demonstrate with actual customers to show employees the rewards of mastering their new systems and why they are so important to follow. I created systems for Fixed Operations employees that started from Service Porters to the Service Consultants and up to the Fixed Ops Director. To be successful, it takes the entire team to win!  


It was very rewarding knowing that I had the opportunity to change a lot of lives out there at each dealership I consulted. There is a lot of dedicated employees out there that just need someone to take the time to show them the way.


Best part is, I made a lot of good friends out there. 


My plan is to go back into the dealership business. As what position I'm not sure at this time. I know my marketing, retention, and training skills are above standards. My clientele list reached over 3,800 people less than a year.  


So, if you are ready to take your business to the next level and not stop there.

Contact me and will talk! 


Thank you to all of my clients and automotive friends for your support.

Randolph S. Lofgren 

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