We’re back with another video in our series, Quality of Life!

Bringing you up to speed, we’ve been hearing all about the Five Pillars of High Achievement. We’ve been looking into December of 2018, when Ali used the five pillars to sell 202 units and break another record. 

This business is a goldmine, and we want to make sure you have every tool to be successful, profitable, and proud in yours. This week we’re going to focus on that final pillar - RELATIONSHIPS.

The key to massive success is not just building the relationship, but maintaining it for life. That handshake that you greet them with should signify the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Watch this week’s video to see what Ali has to say about it.

So Ali, what do you do to connect with more people?

Attend the functions. Show up! Physically be there. Be present. You don’t have to solicit business, you just have to be there.

  • Attend the functions. 
  • Community Centers
  • Charity Events
  • Football Games
  • Anything at the school
  • Local Restaurants & Stores

Acknowledge their achievements, honor their business. Be proud to be part of what they are doing with their lives. Take the extra step to really engage people. 

Tell us in the comments below, what’s your favorite local restaurant? Do you know the owner? How about the manager, the kitchen staff, the bartenders, and the servers? How about the other regulars? Engage every person in any place you already go, and let them know how much you appreciate the hard work they’re doing! 

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