Sales From Your Service Drive - A Viable Dealer Solution?

Over the past three years I have spoken with many dealers about selling cars to service customers... One of my best friends, Daymond Decker spends a good portion of his work time traveling from dealership to dealership all over the country training and implementing a process for converting service customers who have equity in their trade-in to sales opportunities. Starting about 9 months ago I began to hear about a company called Tega Technologies and their "Service Turn" solution designed to streamline and assist dealers in the implementation of a sales to the service drive process.


After speaking with Chris Saraceno and seeing the Service Turn solution working on a first hand basis at Kelly Nissan in Emmaus, PA, I am convinced that this company has a valuable service that returns far more profitability to the dealer than the costs entailed. The following information I found on the Service Turn website at and I would really like to get dealerELITE member opinions on what they are offering to dealers...


Service Turn™ is a personalized 100% customer service to sales solution that integrates with

  • Book Values
  • DMS
  • CRM, and
  • Auction Market Reports

in order to generate a night report of all high value service appointments that are coming in to the service drive the next day. Service Turn™ automatically identifies such items as current payoff, equity, book value, and auction values (MMR). Service Turn’s process then integrates these customers into real sales leads.



TEGA Technologies Service Turn - Sell, profit, and service more car... from Service Turn on Vimeo.

Point Of Sale Material

Service Turn™ provides point of sales material to help turn your service drive into a non-invasive selling drive. Think about it, while you’re spending 10′s of thousands of dollars, each and every month, to bring new customers onto your showroom floor, there are dozens of potential customers driving out of your service drive. With Service Turn™ you never have to worry about missing another service to sales opportunity.


ROI Reports

ROI is never a concern with Service Turn™ because we take care of ALL the reporting with highly detailed reports.


Monthly Composites

Want to know how you are doing versus non-competing dealerships? Service Turn™ offers monthly reports so you know how you stack up.


Are You Ready To Turn Your Service Drive Into A Selling Drive?

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