Selling Cars In The Digital Age - New Book To Be Released in February

PCG Consulting has just announced that attendees of the 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) will be the first to be able to obtain copies of their latest book for car dealers; "Selling Cars in The Digital Age".

Car dealers who are looking to increase sales with their existing website traffic and lead opportunities will gravitate to this new book.

The 150 page book covers the latest structure, processes, templates, training, and reporting standards that dealers need to maximize the sales opportunities that their marketing dollars generate.  The book is a collaboration between Brian Pasch, Marc McGurren, Glenn Pasch, and Ed Shaffer.

As dealers focus on increasing the ROI of their business operations, the latest book from PCG Consulting will be their "go to" guide for success.

"Selling Cars in the Digital Age" is the most up to date guide to dealership lead handling processes.

About DMSC 2013

PCG Consulting, who will be exhibiting at DMSC,  has selected the 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) to release their new book.   The popular conference attracts progressive dealers who want to focus on strategy and process to improve their bottom line.


"Selling Cars in The Digital Age" is the compilation of the winning consulting strategies that PCG delivers for car dealers. Marc McGurren, a partner at PCG Consulting, when speaking about the inspiration for the book stated; "After running one of the top performing GM dealerships in the United States, I decided to document what it takes to be a top performer in our industry."


Brian Pasch, co-author on the book added; "Dealers who want to take the ball and run to into end zone now have the "playbook"  for success.  Our latest book for car dealers delivers the winning strategies to significantly increase the sales generated from the leads that dealers already have.  Why spend more money on leads when dealers need to handle what they already have with better processes."


About PCG Consulting

Making sense of your digital operations and BDC numbers can be overwhelming. Technology keeps adapting faster than ever, and its difficult to stay abreast of the latest innovations while trying to manage the day to day operations at your dealership. PCG Consulting makes it easier for dealers to simplify their decision making by providing them with easy to understand insights, analytics, and business recommendations.

PCG Consulting is different than typical service providers in the industry. Their consultants work side by side with other service providers in the industry. Their vendor neutral stance allows their consultants (a.k.a.  dealer advocates)  to give sincere recommendations based on real needs, rather than restricting dealers to a single vendor or service group.

PCG Consulting can be reached at 732.450.8200.


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