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Digital Retailing Survey Open to Dealer Elite Members

Take part in the largest survey on digital retailing as we re-imagine and innovate the automotive sales process. All responses will be confidential. We encourage dealers, vendors, and OEM managers to participate in this survey. Please take the survey today and share the survey link with your peers: …


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Austin Texas Automotive Marketing Workshop

Join Brian Pasch on July 26th from 1:00 – 5:00 pm in Austin Texas as he…


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Sadly Dealers Still Believe In Conquest Email

I have written extensively in the past two years about conquest email campaigns and have warned dealers that most companies offering these services generate highly suspicious worthless traffic.

Most conquest campaigns generate website traffic that does not act like a consumer, does not asks questions like a consumer or researches vehicles like the other…


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DealerELITE Members Are Invited to Boca Raton in November

DealerELITE members are invited to the 2017 Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit (AAAS) in Boca Raton, November 8th, and 9th. As a member of this powerful online community, DE members have a special discount on tickets for the Summit. Please visit this page which is exclusively for DE members: …


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How Would You Rate Your Dealership's AdWords Experience?

PCG Research is conducting a new research project on auto dealership's utilization and experience with Google advertising. Since U.S. dealers are shifting more of their marketing dollars to online advertising strategies, the data from this survey will spark new conversations on how Google agency partners can better serve the franchise dealer community. 

PCG is collecting feedback from U.S. franchise…

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Why Google My Business Is Your Best Free Source of Website Traffic

GMB Most business owners are aware that Google offers their business a free "yellow pages" listing, and some know that it is now called My Business. For auto dealers, the importance of an optimized My Business listing will become evident as you read this article but the concepts described here apply to all business owners.

Most every time a consumer conducts a search for an auto dealership, like Orange County…


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Automotive Marketing Managers: Organize and Analyze Before Spending More Money

By Brian Pasch

General Managers of automotive dealerships get anywhere from 10-20 calls a week from companies trying to sell them a new product, service, or technology concept. Some GMs have said that number is more like 10 per day, so you can understand why General…


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Creating A Social Media Internship Program At Your Dealership

By Brian Pasch

Dealers who have been struggling to create a consistent social media presence, may turn to third party vendors to assist with their social media. However, many of the social media companies serving car dealers use cookie cutter templates and post the same content for hundreds…


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10 Tips To Make Your Automotive Website Cutover Successful


By Brian Pasch

There is much misinformation about changing website platforms, and if you plan properly, the transition can go very smoothly. The key is to get all the parties together to discuss integration to your dealership's DMS, inventory management tools, CRM platform, advertising…


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Dealership Executives Need To Schedule More Time For Romance

By Brian Pasch

I was having dinner with two of my clients recently, something I really enjoy doing, and I was blessed to have their partners join us for dinner.  A discussion started about the demands of the auto business on their personal lives. One spouse commented about the need to get…


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Dealers and Vendors Make The Most of Of Being Stuck in New Orleans

By Brian Pasch

When the icy weather shutdown most of New Orleans, PCG staff members and thousands of NADA attendees had some tough choices to make.  Some attendees decided to rent a car and drive to their homes. Other NADA attendees  left New Orleans on Monday, which resulted in very light…


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Did You Invite Your Fixed Ops Director To The Digital Party?


Recommended Workshop Guide for Fixed Ops Managers

AutoCon 2013 welcome Fixed Operations Directors and Service Managers to participate in the rapidly changing world of automotive retailing.  Fixed Operations staff are often "left home" when employees are picked to attend automotive conferences. This pattern has to stop.  


There are many opportunities to…


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Do You Like What Your Customers Have To Say About You?

Whether you asked for it or not, your customers are talking about your business online. Ask yourself: what do my potential customers see when they search for my business online?…


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PCG To Unveil Trade Secrets For Advanced SEO Practices

Join the PCG Digital Marketing team tomorrow, May 23, at 1PM EST as they discuss advanced metrics for measuring success. Lead by Chief SEO Strategiest Matthew O'Such, this free webinar will help dealers understand how to use Google Analytics and other website platform reporting tools.

Don't miss out, click the link below to register:

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Find Out If Your Dealership's SEO Is Working

Are you unsure if your dealership's SEO is going in the right direction? Are you confused on what metrics and filtering you should use to show success?

Join PCG Digital Marketing's Chief SEO Strategist Matthew O'Such for this important webinar to learn how to use Google Analytics and website platform reporting tools to track your success.

The webinar will…


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Join Me & Jim Flint For An Important Facebook Webinar

The 2013 Automotive Boot Camp is just three weeks away and we're proud to announce the third Training Exercise in this series of special webinars. We invite you to attend "Facebook Changes & Enhanced…


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Pandora Advertising Backed By OEM CO-Op Increases Appeal For Dealers

Digital radio advertising is a wide open marketing opportunity for car dealers.  Digital radio has wonderful targeting capabilities that are far better than traditional radio.


For example, the geo-targeting is based on the home zip-code that was used when the consumer signed up.  


This is perfect for dealers who are trying to reach…


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Twitter 101 For Car Dealers - PCG Webinar

Social media is increasingly influencing how people buy cars and interact with dealerships. Dealers receive more follows and higher engagement on Twitter than Facebook, yet most are spending more money on Facebook.

Join PCG Digital Marketing's Christine…


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Webinar Will Teach You How To Turn Your Service Drive Into A Cash Register

The …


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PCG, Haystak & DealerOn Will Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

How confident are you that your digital marketing campaigns are delivering incremental sales each month?  Are you aware of the most common mistakes dealers make when using Google Adwords?  

What is new in digital marketing that is helping dealers jump to the next level in monthly sales?

If you would like sneak peak from leaders who will be sharing their…


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