How Would You Rate Your Dealership's AdWords Experience?

PCG Research is conducting a new research project on auto dealership's utilization and experience with Google advertising. Since U.S. dealers are shifting more of their marketing dollars to online advertising strategies, the data from this survey will spark new conversations on how Google agency partners can better serve the franchise dealer community. 

PCG is collecting feedback from U.S. franchise dealers on their Google advertising investments based on the agencies that manage their advertising campaigns.

The Google AdWords platform, in itself, does not deliver optimized advertising campaigns for auto dealers. Certified agency partners are needed to develop advertising messages, targeting, and landing pages to engage with online shoppers. Some Google agency partners are mandated by OEMs. Many dealers have limited choice on who they can use to manage their ad campaigns. 

The Google AdWords platform allows agency partners to manage Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display, Retargeting, Video Pre-Roll, and Customer Match advertising.  

Dealer Feedback Is Needed

How well is the Google agency model system working for auto dealers? We encourage all managers of franchise dealers that are involved with online marketing decisions to take this short survey

PCG will be publishing our findings in an upcoming research report. All responses are confidential and no personal data will be collected.  Please share this post will your automotive colleagues and ask them to take the survey as well.

I appreciate your assistance and help in getting as many U.S. franchise dealers as possible to take this survey

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