Service Managers/Advisers -You only get 1-2 opportunities to get face to face with your customers on a yearly basis!

 Your Customers come into your Service Department, once, twice or possibly three times a year, (if they drive a lot of miles!)


It's your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to get face to face with them! 


Let me repeat that...






Sure, you can call them or send them an email, send a text or a direct mail piece, but it's NOT THE SAME as getting face to face with them!


So, when you DO get face to face with them, what is your strategy to make sure that the Customer's expectation levels are exceeded?



Can you present all the goods, products or services, to the Customer, in a condensed and timely fashion?


You NEED to have the correct tools to ensure a GREAT Customer Experience!



Here are two discussion points to think about, on how to exceed your Customers expectation levels and make sure that they continue to come back to service their vehicle for every scheduled Factory recommended maintenance.


 1. Update the Customers contact information in the Service Drive!


 When the customer arrives in the Service Drive, the very first thing that should be done, is to update the customer contact record.


  1. Update the customers cell number


  1. Update the customers email address


  1. Update the customers home address


  1. Update if there are any "alternate phone numbers or email addresses" that can be added to the customer contact record


As I work with Dealerships across the Nation, all too often, the contact information is wrong! When either the Service Adviser or the BDC attempts to follow up with the Customer, there is no way to get ahold of them!





How can you call them, text them, direct mail them or email them if you don't have the proper information!

 2. Implement the 300% rule for every customer!!



The 300% rule is:


  1. 100% of the Goods, Products or Services that the Dealership provides


  1. Presented to 100% of the Customers


  1. 100% of the time!



This is your opportunity to present/explain ALL the available options or products to the customer! 


Remember, you only get face to face with them on a limited basis!


The presentation should provide the customer with the options or products that would benefit them the most!



Such as:


Factory Recommended Services

Dealership Recommended Services

Previous Declined Services

Factory Recall Information

Maintenance Agreements

Extended Service Agreements


Hours of operation

Vehicle "Night drop" instructions


Remember, this is the ONLY chance you have, to get face to face with the customer!!


You’ll need the correct “Tools, Training and Knowledge” to ensure this happens with every single Customer that comes through your Service Drive!


Xtime Spectrum, is a full suite of products that not only enhance the Customer Experience, It also enhances the Employee Experience by making it a seamless process!


If you want to enhance the Customer Experience as well as the Employee Experience, come check out our full Spectrum of products!!



Please go to our website:



About the Author:


Jim Kristoff – Director of Sales - Xtime

Cell – 727-858-7551


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