In our video series Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success, we’ve been exploring every bit of a process that we want to use to help you accomplish your dreams and goals. It worked for Ali, it’s working for Carlos, and it absolutely can work for you! 

This is the people business. It’s about your community, your friends and neighbors, all the other people who already know you, and the ones who will know you soon. This is about you - putting yourself out there to let people see who you are and how much you care about them. 

That face-to-face connection in your community matters, and now you can boost it with your social network. That’s what Carlos is doing, and in big ways. I invite you to watch this week’s video and get ready to share some goodness with all your friends!

So, Carlos started by reaching out to everyone he already knows, right? He networked through his phone contacts, and he physically advertised by going into local places where he already knew people. Then he took it to the next level, and did that on Facebook, too! 

He’s posting every sale, and it’s doing wonders for his business. These people are already his friends, remember? So he’s tagging the excited new buyer, and they’re sharing it, too! His customers are excited for him, and happy to share with all their friends that THIS is the guy to see if you need a car! They trust him, like him, and believe in him. And of course, they want the people they care about to know how awesome it is to be helped by Carlos. 

Are you marketing with social media?

For the next few weeks we’re going to explore this marketplace and offer some ways to let your social networks work for you. You want people to see what you do and who you are. 

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Don’t make it about what you’re selling. If everything you share has to do with buying a car, your page will look inauthentic.
  • Don’t get sucked into the vortex. While I do suggest using this to your benefit, it’s easy to lose your way in there. Get in there, do what you have to do, and get out.
  • You’re a real person with a real life, and that’s what you want to show people. Did you go to a local game with your family? Did your husband bring you flowers? Are you excited about a new restaurant opening in your community? Talk about what’s really happening, and add in a sprinkle of work life, too.

Start to implement these tips this week. Like I said, we’re going to talk more about this. So for now, just share a few of your happy moments with people. Let’s see what happens.

Already using social media to expand your market? Got a tip we haven’t shared yet? Tell us in the comments below so all of us can benefit! 

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